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the next step on your intuition journey

Light Leader
Year-2 Intuition Mastery Program

Shine Your Inner Light + Take Your Intuition to the Next Level
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Live and Lead with Your Inner Light...


3 Intuition Masterminds

Join us for our most exciting group intuition shares: Past Life Mastermind, Guiding Forces Mastermind, and the annual Sacred Guide Mastermind.

Work-Study Tuition Program

Certified Intuition Practitioners can participate as a co-coach in exchange for a tuition discount package.

Personal or Professional Track

Participate for personal growth or continue your professional intuition certification with our leadership pathway.

Leadership Projects 

Share your expertise with our community, or try out a new offering to grow your life's work by creating a fun leadership project this year.
"Intuitionists lead the leaders, for they exist at the threshold of the unknown."

Personal Growth & Certification Pathways


Light Leader includes everything in the Sacred Guide Program, plus...


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Kick-Off & Inner Light Pods

Join our advanced community and explore your pathway forward in small-group pods.


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Past Life Mastermind

Get validation about your past lives and discover how they are still influencing your life today.


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Guiding Forces Mastermind

Meet your guiding forces and get validation for how they are supporting your life.


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Sacred Guide Mastermind

Pick any topic to explore and find clarity, direction and meaning.

Leading  with Your Inner Light

Kim does an amazing job of giving us the skills and tools we need to continue developing a deeper and deeper level of the intuitive process."
Staying committed to this work is a life-long journey requiring daily practice - one that I am happy to have integrated into my life."
I am honored to have been part of this program. I really learned so much and expanded my deeper understanding of intuition and the human ability." 


The 2 ways to join the Light Leader program:


Our year-2 Personal Growth program is a relaxed journey that fits your busy life.

Continue your intuitive growth

Keep up the momentum of your intuitive development with ongoing community practice and new trainings.

No leadership requirements

Continue on your path as a learner if you are not called or ready to step into a leadership role.

No exams or required coursework

Unlike the Sacred Guide program, Light Leader has no required homework or out of class study. 

Flexible pathways for your ongoing growth

You can add on Certification or leadership activities at any time, should you be interested.


Our Advanced Certification offers exclusive leadership experiences.

Certified Intuition Mastery (CIMP)

All year-2 certification graduates earn Certified Intuition Master Practitioner accreditation, our highest level certification.

Private Mentorship 

Get a 45-minute one-on-one mentoring session with Kim to align with your path, develop a new intuition offering or expand your professional services.

Leadership Project

Create a fun leadership project to share your expertise with our group and try out new offerings.

Work-Study Tuition Discount

Learn how to lead, guide and coach others using your own intuitive abilities. Work-study program includes co-coaching in the Lab.

What is the time commitment? Our year-2 certification program is a less time-intensive program than year-1, and can be adapted to fit your expanding life path. By signing up for the Work-Study tuition-discount you simply agree  to co-coach a minimum of 3 live workshops per quarter.

Why You Will Love the Light Leader Program

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"This program has been such a helpful boost for my business. Having advanced intuition training has helped me to take my soul-coaching practice to the next level."
Crested Butte, Colorado
"A beautiful set of sessions to reconnect with yourself and  to take your natural power of intuition to the next level. Great process and wonderful leadership experiences with the members of the group."
"The Light Leader program has helped me dive even deeper into my own intuitive power. It has helped me change my life for the better, improving both my professional and personal life."
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


two pathways for your year ahead

Light Leader Highlights:

  • 3 Masterminds
  • Light Leader Pods
  • All Sacred Guide Programs
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Stay Connected with our Supportive Community

Personal Growth Pathway

As a VIP year-2 member, continue your intuition journey at your own pace:
  • Attend any and all IntuitionLab events and workshops
  • Get ongoing support from a Light Leader small-group pod
  • Expand your growth through our new Mastermind experiences
  • No required coursework/attendance

Leadership Pathway

As a Certified Intuition Practitioner, you can take your intuition to the next level:
  • Get immersive intuition training
  • Join the leadership/faculty team
  • Mentor and guide new students
  • Get private mentorship with Kim
  • Create a leadership project to share with the group (Optional)
  • Work/Study program discount
    (Includes a commitment to attend a minimum of 3 quarterly workshops)

Pick Your Pathway

Light Leader Personal Growth Program

year 2 
$888 or $77/month
Continue your intuition journey with us and share your inner light
  • Includes everything in the Sacred Guide 
  • Advanced intuition practice
  • 3 Intuition Masterminds
  • Peer-to-peer guided Light Leader Pods
  • Year 2 Membership and monthly events
  • No leadership or coursework requirements

Light Leader  Certification Program

$777 or $67/month
Includes everything in the personal growth program plus a 50% tuition discount for co-coaching a minimum of 3 live workshops per quarter.
  • Includes Certified Intuition Master Practitioner Accreditation
  • Private mentorship with Kim
  • Leadership project opportunity
  • Faculty pathway

"After completing IntuitionLab's Light Leader program, 
I have an even better handle on the practical usage of my intuition.
Our "Past Lives Mastermind" was INCREDIBLE!  
I now feel even more confident in my own intuitive practice."

- meagan grant, cip

The Light Leader Journey

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