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Awaken + Ignite Your Intuition

4 Steps to Experience the Magic of Your Intuition + Live by Your Inner Wisdom

Wherever you are on your journey, this fun and insightful guide is packed full of our favorite intuition practices.


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"To be true to yourself is the most revolutionary act."
~radical intuition

You are the teacher you have been looking for.

4 Steps to Ignite Your Inner Power & Live by the Wisdom Within

What kind of intuitive are you? Discover the 4 types of intuition and how you use them.
Intuition 101: How to use the intuitive process to build confidence in your intuition 24/7.
A 4-step system to attune your intuition and open up the flow of your inner wisdom
Open your mind to the magic and wonder of living in an intuitive universe

Created for you by Kim Chestney, the internationally-acclaimed author of Radical Intuition, The Illumination Code & the Psychic Workshop

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Whether you are taking the first steps with your intuition or looking to deepen your abilities, this guide will lead you to all-new practices for a life-changing intuitive awakening.

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