Annual Program Schedule

Quarterly Workshops & Year-Long Journeys


Quarterly Programs

A New Workshop Series Starts Each Season

Monthly Membership

Year-Round Events, Intuition Development Practice and Community
Monthly Gatherings
All IntuitionLab members are invited to join our live Inner Wisdom Wednesdays with Kim Chestney, that include Q&A, Insight Circles and Intuition Exchanges.
Guest Teacher Trainings
Learn from world-class teachers how to integrate intuition into your life, including 20+ hours of workshops on topics like: aromatherapy, creativity, Reiki, the Chakras, past lives, healing, astrology, business, yoga...and more! 

Exclusive Program Access 
Get VIP discounts on IntuitionLab quarterly and annual programs, private mentorship and exclusive faculty trainings.
Intuition Starter Kit
Ignite your inner power with our foundational IntuitionLab online course and self-discovery fundamentals, including exclusive teachings, practice workshops and toolkits.
Illumination Studio 
Enjoy an array of intuition-enhancing meditations, creative activities and intuition development tools...on demand whenever you need them.

Social Network
Join an interactive group of fellow seekers and make friends to last a lifetime! We are here whenever you need us.

Our full-year programs enroll each December

Our Annual Timeline

The Sacred Guide + Light Leader Year 1 & 2 Journeys

*Pre-Enrollment Period

Open enrollment for our Year 1 and Year 2 Programs 

Sacred Guide & Light Leader Launch

We kick off the new year with our annual Meet & Greet.

Q1: Illuminate! Workshops

Our annual intuition attunement series is focused on empowering your inner guidance system and includes Illuminate! students, Sacred Guides & Light Leaders

Monthly Insight Circles, Office Hours & Inner Wisdom Wednesdays

Various membership programs are open to students in between live workshops throughout the entire year.

Q2: Inner Magic Workshops

Our spring program is focused on using your quantum intelligence in daily life, and includes Inner Magic students, Sacred Guides & Light Leaders 

Q3: Summer Inner Retreat

A relaxed, learn-at-your-own-pace self-discovery retreat that includes monthly Insight Circles, guest teacher workshops, mentorship sessions and summer partner practice. Includes Return to Yourself students, Sacred Guides and Light Leaders.

Illumination Journeys, Private Coaching & Year 1 Intuition Masterminds

Sacred Guides & Light Leaders advanced inner explorations with Kim Chestney

Q4: Higher Powers

Our fall workshop series is focused on exploring your inner dimension and includes Inner Magic students, Sacred Guides & Light Leaders 

Holiday Party & Closing Ceremony

Our annual graduation party, awards ceremony and certification celebration.

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