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4-WEEK ONLINE WORKSHOP seRIES with kim chestney


Attune & Empower Your Inner Wisdom

Your Pathway to an Illuminated Life

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Renew, reset and reconnect to your deepest self this year

Ignite Your Inner Awakening

Gain clarity and unwavering trust in life when you live true to yourself and revitalize your intuitive being.

Discover Your Intuitive Type

Are you a natural Healer? Sage? Visionary or Mystic? Find out your intuition affinity and how to take it to the next level.

Open Up Your 4 Intuitive Pathways

Reconnect to your true, authentic self as you open up the intuitive flow, through your body, mind, heart and spirit.

Receive Intuitive Guidance

Participate in weekly intuition shares + Insight Circles to get valuable insights for you life path and purpose.
"To be true to yourself is the most revolutionary act."
-radical intuition

Wake Up to Your Inner Light

Our #1 Intuition Program Gives You Everything You Need to Awaken Your Intuition


Take Your Intuition Affinity Test

Learn to Use Insight Card Decks

Work with your 5 Meta-senses

Attune your 4 Intuitive Bodies

Practice the 4 Types of Intuition

Recognize Intuition vs. Non-Intuition

This is just the beginning...take your first step with us.

Every workshop left me in awe and with such a profound understanding of my life and my purpose. I highly recommend this class for anyone who is looking to enhance their intuition skills, whether it be for personal life or even for business. Life flows easily when we follow our inner guidance and Kim does a wonderful job at showing how that can work for everyone!"

Angelina Minger

With Exclusive Teachings from Kim Chestney's #1 Intuition Development Book,
"Radical Intuition"

It's time to live each day from a place of clarity and higher awareness. You are ready to become an Illuminator if:
  • You are aware of your intuition +  ready to fully open to it
  • You feel called to a higher path and purpose in life
  • You long to return to a state of inner wholeness and unshakable well-being
  • You seek a deeper understanding of reality + our role in it
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A Full Intuition Attunement for Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit

Week 1

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The Healer:
Intuition of the Body

Awakening Your Intuitive Senses

Learn to use your five intuitive senses and release any blockages to the flow of intuition in your energy body.

Week 2

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The Sage:
Intuition of the Mind

Empowering Your Inner Guidance

Sharpen your inner guidance system and learn to recognize your intuition for clarity and confidence in all you do.

Week 3

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The Visionary:
Intuition of the Heart

Living Your Truth + Life Purpose

Follow your intuition to discover your path and purpose as you expand into your authentic self.

Week 4

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The Mystic:
Intuition of the Spirit

Trusting Yourself... and Life

Go deep into the mystery of life as you connect with your higher self and transcend the limits of this world.
Kim Chestney has been teaching intuition for over 20 years. She has three internationally published books on intuitive development and has taught her ground-breaking intuition work at world-class institutions including the Omega Institute, Shift Network, Dreamland, and the Edgar Cayce Center, among others. She looks forward to sharing her passion for intuition with all students and facilitating the meaningful shift into inner illumination for all.

Kim has the most wonderful way of taking something that feels so vast and mystical and breaking it down into tangible, practical concepts and practices that you can incorporate into your daily life, making it so easy for ANYONE to develop their intuition."  

Nicole Dunlap
Meditation Teacher & Photographer
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What is an Intuition Attunement?

Align your body, mind, heart & spirit with the intuitive flow

The Awaken program is designed to attune the energy of your body, mind, heart and spirit to your unique intuitive vibration, so that your whole life is infused with its guiding, radiant wisdom.

Much like the tradition of Reiki attunement, attuning your intuition means aligning to a higher vibration ~ one that ignites your intuitive ability. Each dimension of intuition attunement activates, opens, and expands the flow of your inner wisdom.

Most of us have unconscious blocks that, due to societal conditioning, fear, trauma, or misinformation, prevent our natural intuitive flow from reaching our conscious mind. Through special practices, you can release energy that is holding you back, so you can rise into higher levels of consciousness. 

"I saw this course as my happy place, full of joy and ease. I feel calmer now and it is much easier to handle feelings like self-doubt. The classes and meditations helped me to come back to myself."

Malmo, Sweden

"Perfectly named! The training is illuminating, there are umpteen resources offered for further study, and the small group/partner workshops during each class provide a supportive environment for practice that is priceless!"

chantal konicek
New Jersey

Awaken to Your True Self

The AWAKEN progam Includes:

Get Instant Access to:

  • 4x 2-Hour Workshops
  • Intuition Practice
  • New Inner Guidance
  • Exclusive Intuition Teachings 

A Full Intuition Attunement

The Awaken program is our intuition activation intensive for body, mind, heart + spirit.

Intuitive Guidance for Your Life

During our interactive workshops, you receive valuable insights for your inner awakening.
Join Us! all are welcome.

Awaken + Empower
Your Intuition

self-study at your own pace
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Doors Open

Instant Access

Class Time

Self-Paced Study


4 Recorded Workshops + Intuition Training Modules

You Receive

A Full Intuition Attunement


Our Live Quarterly Programs Include:

Group Insight Circles

Give and receive guiding intuitive insight in our weekly "Message for Moment" group intuition shares.

Intuition Exchanges

Our weekly partner intuition exercises allow you practice using your intuition and getting valuable validations ~ so you can learn to trust it.

Open Labs

We offer open labs each month on Zoom so you can ask questions, practice and get personal mentorship when you need it.

Guest Teacher Workshops

Expand your learning with our world-class guest teachers who show you how to apply intuition to all your do in life.
This program really helped understand how my intuition speaks to me and find my inner truth."
Barron Cato
Coach & Meditation Teacher, Seattle Washington

The Awaken Curriculum

 lifetime access + live WORKSHOPS

             Weekly Program Agenda

  • Welcome + Overview
  • Weekly Teaching (Live Presentation)
  • Intuition Activation Meditation
  • Personal Message for the Moment
  • Group Insight Circle or Partner Intuition Exchange (Optional)

Why You Will Love this Program

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"My life has change so much since taking this course. I am guided by my intuition everyday and life has become so much better, interesting and I just don't feel alone in my journey.  I used to dread making decisions but know I know exactly how to connect to my intuition to know how to proceed in life. This course is so worth it! One of the best investments I have ever made."
New York City
"This class turned out be so much more than I expected. The content was excellent. Kim did a masterful job getting us through the course and I had real results that I've put into practice. The people in the class, the coaches and the students, really made the class. We all learned together, holding space and supporting each other. "
Columbus, Ohio
"Highly recommend if you want to learn more about yourself and how your higher self guides you. Kim has a beautiful way of making hard to grasp concepts tangible. The exercises and partner work helped me to solidify and understand how my intuition speaks to me. "

Wake Up Your Intuition with Us!

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