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4 WEEKLY LIVE WORKSHOPS with kim chestney

 Inner Magic:
Unlock Your Quantum Intelligence

Explore Your Inner Dimension + Ignite Your Universal Power

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classes start may 7, 2024
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Your intuition holds the keys to an extraordinary life...


Unlock Your Inner Dimension

Learn how to tap into the field of ever-present wisdom to discover who you really are and what you are made for.

See Your Signs from the Universe

Find out how the universe is speaking to you and learn your own intuitive code, aka your "sign language."

Learn Quantum Healing Practices

Explore the new frontiers of intuitive healing and learn to find the purpose in your pain...so you can release it and step on to your path and true purpose.

Grow through Past Life Discovery

Learn how your evolving existence is part of a continuous flow of life that transcends time and space ~ and how all of it is connected to who you are today.
"Reimagining human intuition as the ultimate means to navigate reality, this course reveals how intuitive thinking is a kind of quantum thinking that naturally extends beyond the limits of the everyday mind. "


Intuition will Take Your Life to the Next Level


Unlock Your Quantum Intelligence

See Your Signs from the Universe

Develop Your Intuitive Language

Intuitively Read Your Chakras

Explore Soulmates + Entanglements

Gain a Vision for the Future 

Yes, you can do these things. Everyone can!

With Exclusive Teachings from Kim Chestney's New Book,
"The Illumination Code"

Don’t just wonder about the magic of the Universe, experience it for yourself. You will love this program if you are ready to:
  • Reclaim the innate intuitive power within you
  • Take control of your intuition and live by it 24/7
  • Find the deeper truth that exists beyond our reality
  • Learn the science behind intuition and how it is a natural part of our thinking process
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Ignite Your Inner Magic!

Week 1

Live Workshop
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Life Speaks to You Personally

Everyday, the universe is sending you signals ~ both from the inside and the outside. Let's find out how to recognize and follow them.

Get a Personal Token from the Universe

Week 2

Live Workshop
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Your Quantum Body

Discover the energetic source of physical challenges and life blocks... so you can release what no longer serves you and flourish.

Discover the Mind Behind Matter

Week 3

Live Workshop
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The Journey of Your Soul

Take a deep dive into your soul's journey. Discover your soulmates, interlife entanglements and your current life mission.

Explore your Soulmates + Life Purpose

Week 4

Live Workshop
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Life in a Magical Universe

Explore your multi-dimensional nature, including the Holographic Universe and the transcendence of both time and space.

Go Beyond with the Art of Sacred Seeing

A wonderful training and community! It was a pleasure to learn from Kim! I found the experience so impactful, allowing me to trust and enhance my intuition. I adored the other students - it was such a supportive community. I highly recommend this course! "

Lora Saseila
Los Angeles, California

"Once you take a class or attend an event with Kim, you may never stop. She is extremely knowledgeable, down-to-earth and welcoming. Her practical and engaging teaching style made learning how to use my own intuition so simple and natural."

Wellness Entrepreneur

"All of the lessons were great; there were many gold nuggets in each lesson that I thought I already knew, but didn't. It helped me to get more comfortable with my intuition, as well as to be more open to listening to it."

courtney mccarthy
Independent Study Student


The INNER MAGIC ONLINE progam Includes:

Sign Up Now to Get:

  • 4x Weekly Live Workshops
  • Group Practice
  • Your Intuition Token
  • Meditations + Practices

Practice Your Intuition Live with Kim

Offered only once a year, the Inner Magic program is a deep dive into your inner dimension + quantum intelligence

Intuitive Guidance for Your Life

During our interactive workshops, you receive valuable insights for your inner awakening.

Group Insight Circles

Give and receive guiding intuitive insight in our weekly "Message for Moment" group intuition shares.

Intuition Exchanges

Our weekly partner intuition exercises allow you practice using your intuition and getting valuable validations ~ so you can learn to trust it.

Open Labs

We offer open labs each month on Zoom so you can ask questions, practice and get personal mentorship when you need it.

Guest Teacher Workshops

Expand your learning with our world-class guest teachers, like Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Whitley Strieber, Steve Kilbey...and many more!
4 WEEKLY LIVE WORKSHOPS with kim chestney

Ignite Your Inner Magic

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join us every tuesday in may

Start Date

May 1

Class Time

Tuesdays, 7PM EDT
on Zoom


4 Live Workshops

You Receive

A Full Month of Intuitive Guidance & Practice

Why You Will Love this Online Program

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"I enjoyed this program tremendously! I love the live workshops, the content in the lab, and the people I have met on this journey. I am so grateful to Kim for putting all this together! I knew my intuition was strong. But I didn't just know how strong it was, until I took this class."
cindy robinson
Boston, Massachusetts
"Working with Kim Chestney has been incredibly profound and inspiring. The online platform is beautifully crafted, easy to maneuver and full of goodies that made me want to learn even more. Kim's gentle energy and heart to help others kept me there. She has a way with supporting and encouraging you to be your very best self."
kristin riding
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
"This course has grown me and inspired me in so many unexpected ways. Kim is such a gifted teacher and embodies the gift of intuition in every way. With this course as the first opportunity to lay a solid foundation for working with your intuition, I can only imagine how powerful and transformative it will be to go through her other classes."
alyssa rodriguez
Chicago, Illinois

Inner Magic Curriculum

get lifetime access + live training

             Weekly Program Agenda

  • Welcome + Overview
  • Weekly Teaching (Live Presentation)
  • Intuition Activation Meditation
  • Personal Message for the Moment
  • Group Insight Circle or Partner Intuition Exchange (Optional)
Meet your instructor, kim chestney
Kim Chestney has been teaching intuition for over 20 years. She has three internationally published books on intuitive development and has taught her ground-breaking intuition work at world-class institutions including the Omega Institute, Shift Network, Dreamland, and the Edgar Cayce Center, among others. She looks forward to sharing her passion for intuition with all students and facilitating the meaningful shift into expanded consciousness for all.

Ignite Your Inner Magic with Us!

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