IntuitionLab is a Revolutionary School to Incubate and Accelerate Innate Intuitive Awareness

"The only real valuable thing is Intuition." ~Einstein


Knowing is the New Thinking

Everyone has Intuition. It's time to start using our innate, inner wisdom.

IntuitionLab offers self-study, live training, immersive masterclasses and one-one-coaching to help you learn to awaken and live by your inner power.
Knowing is the New Thinking

The Best Intuition Training on the Market

Founded by international best-selling author and Intuition Master Teacher, Kim Chestney


What Others Are Saying

IntuitionLab will change your life.

“"Living my life by owning my power and listening to my Intuition is one of the most life-changing things that has happened to me. Kim was the catalyst for my growth. She holds the keys to living a life that makes sense." ”

Jesse Karger, Medford, ORJesse Karger, Medford, OR

“ just completed Kim's IntuitionLab class, and I wish it weren't over! I am thrilled with my experience in the class and am so grateful for the opportunity it has given me to expand and validate my intuitive experiences. The classroom work was presented in an interesting and understandable way, the online live classes were excellent”

Arlene Holtz, Pittsburgh PAArlene Holtz, Pittsburgh PA

Take the ultimate step in your enlightenment.

Learn to recognize and follow your Intuition.

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