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Kim Chestney has helped over 25,000 people around the world to up-level their lives with the power of their innate Intuition

Everyone has Intuition. It's time to tap in to our extraordinary insight. IntuitionLab offers self-study, live training, certification and one-one-coaching to help you awaken and live by your higher awareness.

The Most Comprehensive Intuition Training on the Market

Founded by International Best-Selling Author and Intuition Expert, Kim Chestney


What Others Are Saying

IntuitionLab will change your life...and life's work!

“Kim really knows intuition. I was amazed with her online course Illuminate. Her content was well thought out, informative and is from a higher level. I loved the connections I made in IntuitionLab. It was fun, and we got to practice and get feedback on each other's intuition. It was great to see how we all learned and evolved with IntuitionLab; and Kim was the best guide. Kim was knowledgeable, encouraging, gave us tools, and offered her insights from her perspective. Everyone was very supportive. I grew from Kim's Illuminate online course, and I recommend this program to others who want to take their intuition to a higher level and benefit from it too!”

Carolyn H, San FranciscoCarolyn H, San Francisco

“First of all, this platform is beautiful and easy to figure out. Second, Kim is so incredibly inspiring and educated that it feels like the information just flows from her. Her teaching style is soft and warm; a gentle energy that held me through a difficult time while I just started working with her. Third, I have learned so much from her space in a short period of time. I have never been so connected to me and my intuition - ever. I am incredibly grateful and in awe of Kim. I am happy to keep working alongside her. ”

Kristin Riding, Pittsburgh Kristin Riding, Pittsburgh

“Living my life by owning my power and listening to my Intuition is one of the most life-changing things that has happened to me. Kim was the catalyst for my growth. She holds the keys to living a life that makes sense.”

Jesse Karger, Medford, ORJesse Karger, Medford, OR

“ I just completed Kim's IntuitionLab class, and I wish it weren't over! I am thrilled with my experience in the class and am so grateful for the opportunity it has given me to expand and validate my intuitive experiences. The classroom work was presented in an interesting and understandable way, the online live classes were excellent!”

Arlene Holtz, Pittsburgh PAArlene Holtz, Pittsburgh PA

“Wow what an amazing journey! From my heart and soul to yours I am eternally grateful for having your humble and gentle being teaching and guiding me the past couple months. I have grown in ways I never expected and have had many aha moments. I thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to join the illuminated family and hope that my light will act as a beacon. ”

Vicki Jayne, Adelaide, AustraliaVicki Jayne, Adelaide, Australia

“This was a fantastic experience - it expanded my learning and connected me to some pretty awesome people! I feel lighter and brighter because of Illuminate!”

Roxane Wergin, Gainesville, FloridaRoxane Wergin, Gainesville, Florida

“Once you take a class or attend an event with Kim, you may never stop. She is extremely knowledgeable, down-to-earth and welcoming. Her practical and engaging teaching style made learning how to use my own intuition so simple and natural. I have now participated in online classes, live events and 1:1 sessions and all of them are unique and valuable for both personal and business development. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking to evolve more fully.”

Anita Scaglione, PittsburghAnita Scaglione, Pittsburgh

“I saw this course as my happy place, full of joy and ease. I looked forward to the classes and mediations ~ they helped me come back to myself. I started trusting my feelings and understanding how my intuition works. I feel calmer now and it’s become easier for me to handle feelings like self-doubt, moments of exhaustion and other challenges in my daily life. Every time I think of Kim, I smile genuinely from my heart. It’s very rare to find such a genuine and open human being that can somehow make you feel instantly at home. She is an amazing teacher and a warm and open soul. ”

Gabriela Delgado, Malmo, Sweden Gabriela Delgado, Malmo, Sweden

Master Your Intuition, Master Your Life

"The only real valuable thing is Intuition." ~Einstein

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