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The Illumination Code

7 Keys to Unlock Your Quantum Intelligence

by kim chestney


The Illumination Code brings you closer to the comprehension of a reality that was wholly hidden prior to the quantum discoveries.The key to comprehending it lies within us.”

~ Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Nobel Prize Nominee & Author of Science and the Akashic Field

The New, Ground-Breaking
Intuition Book by Kim Chestney

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ALL THE ANSWERS ARE inside of you

Discover the Part of You that Knows Everything

Your Handbook for Exploring the Inner Dimension

Intuition is a Quantum Function

Discover how contemporary science explains supernatural phenomenon as a normal part of being human.

7 Keys to Awaken Your Intuitive Nature

The book provides a series of seven keys to unlock the secrets of the deep quantum-intuitive dimension within us.

Over 30 Practices + Workshops

Experience the magic for yourself. This book offers tons of interactive practices for you to personally witness so-called "impossible things."

The New Frontier is the Inner Frontier

Intuition is the future. Find out why developing it is the master key to our growth and the expansion of consciousness.

the magic is within you. Let's find it.

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a new adventure awaits...

Join Me at the Inner Frontier

A part of you knows everything. Insight – the extraordinary power of the mind to instantaneously receive information from the quantum realms – is fast becoming humanity’s most advanced form of knowledge acquisition.

Reimagining human intuition as the true means to navigate the quantum reality, my new book (New World Library, 2024) reveals that intuitive thinking is, in fact, a kind of quantum thinking that naturally extends beyond the limits of the intellectual mind.  

The Illumination Code is a dynamic guide to self-discovery and spiritual growth. This is not a passive self-help book but one that encourages the reader to be proactive. One of the many virtues of this book is that it is not written from a fluffy, New Age perspective but from a down-to- earth, rational perspective. Kim Chestney expertly incorporates quantum physics not as a cold, distant exercise of academia but rather as a very up-close-and-personal force that both touches and connects all of us. I highly recommend this book.”

— Mark Anthony, Author of The Afterlife Frequency


What is "The Illumination Code?"

Find out about the new scientific discoveries that suggest that intuition is, in fact, a kind of "quantum thinking" that can expand our minds...and our reality.
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