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""Kim is such an insightful, caring, and nurturing teacher. Working with her has helped me to not only recognize and tap more into my intuition but to accept myself as the master creator of my own reality."
dominique irish
Fitness Coach
"I highly recommend this community for anyone who is looking to enhance their intuition skills, whether it be for personal life or even for business. Life flows easily when we follow our inner guidance and Kim does a wonderful job at showing how that can work for everyone."
" This community has been an amazing personal experience for me. Not only did I learn how to access my intuition; I also learned a lot about myself on a personal level. Working with Kim is an absolute joy, and meeting the other kind souls in the programs has inspired me to continue my intuition journey."
"So much personal attention. I have loved every minute of this amazing community. I started with Higher Powers last year, thinking that would be it. So glad I signed on for more! I have learned so much and am looking forward to another year! Thanks, Kim and amazing faculty members!"

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Creating a Lifestyle of Insightfulness

Inner Wisdom Wednesdays
All IntuitionLab members are invited to join our live Inner Wisdom Wednesdays with Kim Chestney, that include Q&A, Insight Circles and Intuition Exchanges.
Guest Teacher Trainings
Learn from world-class teachers how to integrate intuition into your life, including 20+ hours of workshops on topics like: aromatherapy, creativity, Reiki, the Chakras, past lives, healing, astrology, business, yoga...and more! 

Exclusive Programs
Get VIP discounts on IntuitionLab quarterly and annual programs, private mentorship and exclusive faculty trainings.
Inner Discovery Essentials
Ignite your inner power with our foundational IntuitionLab online course and self-discovery fundamentals, including exclusive teachings, practice workshops and toolkits.
Illumination Studio 
Enjoy an array of intuition-enhancing meditations, creative activities and intuition development tools...on demand whenever you need them.

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Join an interactive group of fellow seekers and make friends to last a lifetime! We are here whenever you need us.

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kelly rogers, pittsburgh
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