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Guidance for Life, Work + Personal Growth

Private Sessions with Kim Chestney + the IntuitionLab Faculty 

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"Coaching with Kim has helped me and my business in so many ways. Her guidance allowed me to gain confidence about my decisions and bring new offerings to my community."
Portsmouth, Rhode Island
"Working with Kim was like opening a whole new world of myself that I never knew existed. I can honestly say that my intuition led me to Kim and my spiritual awakening truly began after working with her. Living from an intuitive place is such a beautifully magical thing and is the root of PEACE and I can't thank her enough for holding space for me when I needed it most."
Medford, Oregon
"Through my sessions with Kim, I was able to connect with myself and allow my intuition to guide me to what's next. Kim is warm, kind and really connects with you personally. I am now on a clear path ahead."
Lodi, California

Work privately with Kim Chestney or your favorite IntuitionLab Faculty Member

Our private mentorship sessions are your opportunity for one-on-one with Kim Chestney or our faculty members. Whether you are looking for additional support, intuition practice, heart-centered business coaching or general personal growth, we will custom-create a session just for you. All sessions are conducted virtually on Zoom.
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Current IntuitionLab 1:1 Offerings

Intuition Sessions with Kim Chestney and the IntuitionLab Faculty Members below

General Intuitive Guidance & Mentorship

Daily guidance for your life and your intuitive development

30, 45, and 60-minute private sessions with Kim Chestney or an IntuitionLab faculty member, this experience can be tailor-made to your goals, including:
  • Intuition Questions Answered
  • Intuition Exchange
  • Personal Guidance & Mentorship
For soonest availability, select to work with an IntuitionLab faculty member

Illumination Journey

Journey with Us into the Deep Dimension

Break through your blocks and release karmic blocks as we explore how events from the deep dimension are influencing your life today.
  • 60-90 Minute Experience
  • Guided Visualization Journey
  • Insight Card Reading Validation
Pre-requisite: Enrollment in the Sacred Guide + Completion of Q1-Q3 Programs

Guiding Forces Illumination Journey

Meet Your Universal Teachers, Cosmic Guides and Ancestral Connections

Transcend the boundaries of the mind to consciously connect with and learn from the invisible guiding forces in your life.
  • 60-90 Minute Experience
  • Guided Visualization Journey
  • Insight Card Reading Validation
Pre-requisite: Enrollment in the Sacred Guide + Completion of Q1-Q3 Programs
a sacred inner immerson

The Illumination Journey:
IntuitonLab's Signature 1:1 Experience

An Experience to Take You Deeper into Yourself...and Higher into Your Truth
Go on a powerful intuitive journey through the depths of your spirit, where you release unconscious blocks and rise into the heights of superconscious awareness.
  • A guided visualization journey (online or in-person)
  • Explore the past, future or transcendent realities
  • Meet your guiding forces and spiritual family
  • Get validations with tokens and insight card work
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The Illumination Journey will forge a pathway into the deep dimension, where you can go beyond the limits of reality as we know it. 

Here's what others are saying about this inner adventure:

My Illumination Journey with Kim was mind-blowing! Out of this world. My grandmother came through to us and proved that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. We may be in different parts of the world, but we have a bond wherever we go. I am now finally able to be myself and be free."
tonya williams
Wellness Practitioner
The Illumination Journey with Kim was my favorite part of the Sacred Guide certification program. I learned so much about myself and it put me in touch with one of my spiritual guides. The whole experience was truly beautiful.
I am blown away by my Illumination Journey! I can go back to it anytime and have regular contact with my higher self and guides."
Professional Artist

Choose your One-on-One Experience

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Single Session (30min)

A brief session to answer specific questions, practice together, or chat about anything to support your intuitive growth.

Single Session (60min)

An in-depth guidance session or workshop to help you find deeper insight or integrate intuitive practice into your life.

3-Session Package

$133/session x 3
3x 45-minute sessions to focus on your area of choice, including ongoing growth, problem-solving, business development, or breaking through blocks. 

Illumination Journey

A deep dive into the inner realm to break through energetic blocks and expand your mind beyond the limits of time and space.
All programs are specially priced for IntuitionLab members and students.
Pricing expires with membership or enrollment.
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