Way Finding with Your Intuition

Have you ever wondered how to use your intuition to find the right path forward?

Here is a simple exercise to help you discern authentic intuitive guidance using feelings of expansion and resistance.

Throw away those pros and cons lists. 
With intuition, it's simple...just feel the way.

Using Your Intuition to Feel the Way

Next time you are making a choice about something in your life, put away the pros-and-cons list, and try this instead. Instead of thinking in terms of right and wrong, think in terms of resonant expansion and nonresonant resistance.

Your best path — the one supported by your intuition — feels expansive; it draws you into alignment with the unified field and uplifts you with potentiality.

Dissonant paths — ways that keep you in a separated, incoherent state — do not feel expansive; as they lead you in the wrong direction, you feel an intuitive resistance as you get out of sync with the field. 

You feel dissonance when you go against yourself.

Your true, whole self exists in union with the inner truth of the field. Resonant expansion aligns you with that truth, while feelings of dissonance or resistance indicate you are moving away from it.

Here is a quick way to identify how expansion and resistance feel to you so you can recognize them when they show up in your life:

Learning through Expansion

 Think of a time when you met someone who expanded your life — a teacher, friend, family member, or loved one. Remember how they made you feel. When you were with them, did you feel inspired? Full of life, safe, aligned, excited, at peace, or growing? Like you were fully yourself?

Learning through Resistance

Next, think of a person who set you back in life — someone who worked against you or did not support your path. How did they make you feel? Uninspired, stuck, small, unworthy, or less than? Like you couldn’t be your true self?
You can apply this process to any area of your life. Next time an opportunity comes along, ask yourself, Does it feel expansive or is there some inner resistance?

If you are unsure about any decision, you can use the feeling of resonant expansion as a litmus test: If it excites you, opens you up to new energy, or feels aligned, you are likely moving in harmony with your inner dimension.

If you have to talk yourself into something, make justifications, or overcome intuitive reservations, it may be a good idea to pause. When you are guided by resonance, you are happier and more fulfilled, and you are living your purpose. The goal of resonant expansion is to bring you fully into yourself; any action not taken in that spirit takes you away from yourself, your truth, and your highest path. 

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