My Favorite Inner Renewal Ritual

New beginnings are a powerful moment in life. As we are poised to take the next step forward, it is the perfect time to intentionally release, renew and realign with our true path in life.

Today, I want to share with you the 4-step intuitive practice I use for the thresholds of my life.

Whether it is a new year, a new journey, a new moon, or simply a time to reset, this ritual is created to strengthen your inner reserve as you expand into greater awareness.

Renew Your Spirit with Intention

As you move into a new phase of your life, this simple yet powerful practice can help you intentionally direct your personal energy to make the change that calls you forward. 

Here is a step-by-step guide for a life-affirming inner renewal ritual.
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Renew Your Space

Clearing the Space Around You
We begin by refreshing our physical space. This process is an outer reflection of the clearing of energy, as you release what no longer serves you. Here are some ways to get started:
  • Purge old clothes and refresh/reorganize your closet 
  • Reorganize or redecorate any rooms with stagnant energy
  • Recharge or create a sacred space where you can meditate or do your intuition work
  • Refresh or create an altar with items that signify your new path
Clearing the Space Within You
Next, let's focus on renewing your body-mind connection to create a renewed sense of health and well-being.
  • Choose food that intuitively feels right for your body
  • Commit to a daily movement practice, even something as simple as a few minutes of walking, yoga or qi gong.
  • Commit to healthy lifestyle habits that feed your spirit 

Reconnect to Your Inner Wisdom

This is the perfect time to reconnect to your intuition and move into deeper union with yourself. Through this process, you activate the inner guidance system that will help you to navigate the road ahead with clarity and power.
  • Start a daily Insight Card practice
  • Open quiet space each day where the stillness can speak (ie. meditation, journaling, restful reflection)
  • Commit to living true to your self and following your sacred inner guide instead of the many voices of the world

Open Your Heart

The deepest shifts occur when your body, mind and heart are all aligned with your higher path and purpose. It is important not only to practice and learn your truth...but also to feel your truth.

This is the time to nurture your heart with all the things that feed your soul and empower your inner spirit.
  • Take time to lose yourself in the beauty and wonder of the moment
  • Make a new playlist of uplifting, soul-moving music
  • Do creative activities that inspire you and allow you to share your inner vision
  • Open your heart to the loving embrace of the universe

Set Your New Intentions

The final and most important step for your renewal ritual is setting your intentions. I recommend setting 3 intentions, though you can do more or less, if you like.

You can use your intuition to determine the right intentions for this time.
Begin with any pain-points in your life. Ask yourself: what can I do, intentionally, to relieve them? What shifts in your attitude or aspirations get you back on center with who you are?

Your intentions become a kind of mantra for your new journey, giving you strength and reminding you of your real purpose.
  • Start a new journal for your new journey
  • Write your 3 primary intentions on the beginning page
  • Pull an Insight Card for a visual intention, a symbol for the journey ahead
  • Journal any themes or intuitive revelations you receive during this process. You can use your journey in the days and weeks ahead to record your thoughts, feelings and any insight card work you feel called to do.
You can also use my Inner Renewal Affirmation to seal your intentions and open the way for a transformational, uplifting and expansive journey ahead.

As one journey ends, another begins.
As I step forward, may I walk in trust with myself and life.

May I live each day by my all-knowing self.
May the spirit of truth guide me always.
May the loving embrace of the universe hold me close.

I am grateful for the beauty, peace and well-being in my life.
I am grateful for chance to grow and become more than I am.

May the days ahead be filled with the love, wisdom and unwavering support of my all-knowing self.

However you honor it, I hope your new journey serves you well and takes you to the next new frontier of your expanding consciousness.

Read more and discover a variety of practices to understand your intuition in my book "Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power (New World Library, 2024)

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