Strengthen Your Intuition with Remote "Previewing"

Living as part of an interconnected quantum field, you can access intuitive information outside both your present time and location.

This means that, wherever you are, a part of you still knows what is happening at other locations all around the world. This article shows you how to investigate this phenomenon in your life.

Remote previewing is a fun way to experiment with the field, learn your intuitive language and get validation for your intuition.

Pre-view the Destinations in Your Life

To experiment with your remote-viewing skills, here is an easy practice you can use anytime you are going to an unfamiliar place, such as a business meeting in a new office, a gathering at a friend's house, dinner at a restaurant, or any other place that you are not familiar with.

Before heading out to a new destination, take a moment to pause and follow these simple steps:

Set Your Mind

Set an intention to receive any information on the space you are about to visit. Specifically, set it for the time in the future when you will be present there. (This way you can personally receive validation of your impressions.) These could include but are not limited to:
  • Objects in the space
  • Dominant color themes
  • Room layout or design
  • Energy or feelings about the space
  • Music or songs playing there
  • Impressions about people there

Receive a Preview of the Space Ahead

Quiet your mind, tune in, and let any intuitive impressions drop in from the field. Go with the flow, and be sure to write or draw anything you receive. Sketch out room layouts or any visual information.

Make note of anything you received or bring your list of impressions with you to your destination.

Observe & Validate Your Intuition

After you arrive at your destination, observe the space.
Record any obvious intuitive hits.

Then, dig deeper — remembering that not all intuitive information arrives literally. For example, if you get the impression of a gingerbread cookie, you may not see that exact same cookie. If there are cookies there at all, it’s a hit.

Remember, your intuition often uses personal experience and memory to convey messages. It is much harder to translate a code packet of an exact cookie that you have never seen than it is to recognize the code of an archetypal cookie.
In most cases, unless you are extremely tuned into the field, you will recognize information adjacent to your actual impressions. What you discover in the space will be similar but not exactly as you imagined it. If you see someone wearing a red shirt, it may not be the same style as the red shirt you envisioned. If you got the layout of the room generally correct, the scaling could be entirely different from what you imagined.

Give yourself some room for interpretation in the beginning as you begin to fine-tune your intuition. With time and practice, you can get more and clearer remote-viewing information ~ all of which serves to reinforce the validity of your intuitive process and the reality of the quantum intuition field.

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