The Art of Personal Psychometry

Physical objects carry a wealth of intuitively accessible energy and information in their local quantum field. 

Psychometry, the act of intuitively sensing the history of a place or object via touch or localized contact, can help you to understand the vibes you get from the world around you.

Intuitively Sensing Energy Fields

Psychometry is a natural part of your everyday life. You have likely experienced it without consciously knowing it. 

When I was younger,  I had an unexplained aversion to antiques. I didn’t want antique furniture in my home, and I often felt uncomfortable in vintage or antique stores. Today, understanding that people are sensitive to the energy and information stored in the local field of material objects, it makes sense that objects owned by other people convey imprints of their energy.

Not only do you participate in the psychometric process by picking up on energy from the quantum field, but you also add to the information field of material objects you interact with or own.

Have you ever had a favorite piece of clothing that, after a while, you just didn’t like wearing anymore? Maybe you put it on, and now it just doesn’t feel right. This often happens when you outgrow a certain energy in your life — especially when you upshift your vibration. Suddenly, the energy field of the clothes you used to wear is embedded with an outdated energy imprint — one that is no longer aligned with your vibration. This feeling is a cue that it is time to clean out your closet, give away those old-vibration clothes, and keep only the items that resonate with you energetically. It feels good to purge because you are releasing energy in the fields around you that no longer support your growth and expansion.

Tuning into the energy of the objects in your life can help you keep the energy of your inner space clean and uplifted. 

To keep your personal biofield resonating on your frequency, consider setting an intention to pay attention to the way your clothes, furniture, home décor, and other local items intuitively influence your state of mind or mood. 

Here are 3 ways to attune to the energy of your personal items:

Furniture: If you have old furniture, be sure that its energy feels good to you. Even your own personal old furniture carries the record of any trauma or discord that occurred within its field. Getting new furniture can be cleansing if you are starting a new phase of life. 

Home design: If a room in your house is feeling energetically heavy consider rearranging your furniture. The energy flow within rooms can become trapped, so practices like feng shui are helpful in opening up those fields and releasing residual energetic debris.

Clothes: Have you ever had an item of clothing or jewelry from a partner, parent, or loved one that makes you feel good when you wear it? You can feel the love and harmonic vibration when the possessions of those you love are close by. Whether it is your partner’s favorite sweatshirt, a special ring from a family member who passed, or even your child’s stuffed animal, personal items from those you love can bring comfort and fill your inner space with nurturing energy. 

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by kim chestney

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