Today, let's explore real intuition vs. non-intuition so you can live each day by its guiding inner wisdom. 

Is it Intuition? Use this Intuition Checklist to Find Out what Intuition Is and Is Not

One of the biggest challenges to living by your intuition is learning how to differentiate it from your regular thoughts.

In truth, intuition is very clear and easy to recognize...once you know what to look for.

Is it Really Intuition? A Verification Checklist

Do you want to follow your intuition, but are not sure you can trust it?

In this article we are going to explore some ways to put your intuition to the test ~ so you can recognize and live by it with confidence.

When intuition is at work within us, we say to ourselves:
Yes, this resonates with my personal truth.
Yes, it arrives without overthinking or trying to figure it all out.
Yes, my intuition abides — it remains unchanged over time.

And, yes, my intuition is pointing me in the direction that is the best for all. It is not just a reaction to my own personal wishes, fears, or desires. Remember, real intuition will lead you, and everyone involved with it, to the next forward step in your growth and evolution.

Understanding the general qualities of intuition can help you rule out a lot of information that you may have in the past mistaken for intuitive guidance.

Try using the Radical Intuition checklist below to verify an intuition.
Ask yourself if your intuitive thoughts and feelings meet the criteria in the list below. With time and practice, it will get easier to recognize how your intuition feels. 

Traits of Genuine Intuition

❏ Intuition is received, not formulated.
❏ Intuition resonates or “feels right.”
❏ Intuition is expansive and empowering.
❏ Intuition aligns with your personal truth.
❏ Intuition is not born of fear, desire, or ego.
❏ Intuition does not deflate you or bring you down.
❏ Intuition abides with a persistent message.
❏ Intuition comes from a place of peace and power.
❏ Intuition uplifts you.
❏ Intuition makes you better, whole and authentic.

The end result of real intuition is that, on some level, it takes you higher. Its reason for existing is to lift you up and help you grow. If that is not happening, then it’s likely not intuition.

It is so important to remember that real intuition will never bring you down or take away your power. This goes against its very purpose. If an idea makes you feel smaller, more powerless, or paralyzed by fear, it is definitely not your intuition. Your intuition is always showing you the next step upward.
If you look closely, you will notice a clear differentiator between intuition and non-intuition: Intuition brings you to a state of higher consciousness.

It moves and connects you to the awareness that is above and beyond.

Nonintuitive thoughts and feelings are generated by our smaller, limited awareness, based upon only the information at or below our conscious access. Intuitive impressions are generated by our superconscious awareness, which has access to all information in existence.

So, each time you follow your intuition, you are taking one step towards truth ~ one step higher into the greatest awareness of the universe.

Onward and inward!

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by kim chestney

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