The Illumination Code:
Intuition & the Lost Language of the Universe

Every day, every moment, the universe is broadcasting billions of signals — subtle forms of information and energy that interpenetrate your whole world, even though they are virtually undetectable in material reality.

Some of these signals are for the world at large, and some of these signals are just for you. A part of your mind has been receiving these universal signals for your entire life. On occasion, these signals break through into your consciousness in moments of insight, epiphany, or sudden awareness — when your inner receiver tunes in to unexpected bits of important information. The processing of this secret code can feel like an aha moment or a revelation; it can give you a gut feeling or a sense of inner knowingness. These experiences are manifestations of a universal intelligence transmission system that your mind processes as intuitive sensations, thoughts, or feelings.

Decoding Your Intuition

Every day of your life, the cosmic information system is guiding you from the inside out. 

With the rational mind, you process information linearly, based on codes from the macrocosmic world outside you; conversely, the insightful mind, like a quantum computer, interfaces with the microcosmic inner dimension and holds the magnificent power to process information simultaneously — to know everything all at once. For example, to solve a problem, the thinking mind must go through the formula — for example, figuring out 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 to get to the answer of 10; but, with the quantum intuitive mind, you can get from the question to the answer in an instant of intuitive knowing, without thinking at all. Your intuitive mind is connected to a worldwide web of information that you can download and apprehend in an instant.

The Blurring Lines Between Science & Mysticism

We used to call people who could read the secret universal code or tune into a wider signal bandwidth psychic. But, today, we are realizing that everyone is psychic. In America, about 75 percent — three out of four people — believe in the reality of supernatural phenomena. Furthermore, 67 percent of Americans say that they have personally experienced a supernatural phenomenon. More people believe in psychic abilities than don’t; and more people have experienced them than haven’t. Whether these people are encountering their extrasensory perception, telepathy, precognition, or good old-fashioned intuition, impossible things are becoming a way of life. With each decade that passes, we are waking up new inner potential as the magnitude of our extraordinary nature comes into focus.

Quantum physics turns out to be the magic behind three thousand years of mystery and misunderstanding. The laws of the subatomic universe defy the logic and reason that have been the foundation of our understanding of reality and function instead in a way that feels supernatural. At the quantum level, entities can communicate despite vast distances, appear out of nowhere, defy all sense of time, and even be in two places at once. When we apply these laws of physics to the mind, we can see how those unexplainable experiences were explainable all along — we just didn’t have the knowledge to know it at the time. But now we do.

We don’t have to live in the dark anymore; we all have the potential to expand our bandwidths and open back up to the great, cosmic information broadcast.

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by kim chestney

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