The Art of Sacred Reading

Learn the ancient spiritual practice of Lectio Divina ("sacred reading") to gain deeper, contemplative insight into your life path and commune with your higher self.

There is more than one way to "read" a book. This article talks about an age-old divination practice used to tap into the wisdom of the universe...a practice you may already be using!

Hacking Your Intuition with Contemplative Reading

Lectio Divina "book hacking" is a fun and insightful practice to tap into the part of you that knows everything. 

For centuries, people have been practicing Sacred Reading, also sometimes called "bibliomancy," to hack into their inner guidance system using randomly selected passages in a book of wisdom or inspirational text. You may have done this already if you ever intuitively opened a book to any page for direction or guidance.

Here is how to practice Sacred Reading:

 Since the intuitive part of your mind has access to all the information in the universe — including the contents of every page in a book — when you randomly open to a page in a book, there is nothing random about it. Just like there is nothing random about choosing the right oracle card. Your deeper mind is choosing for you, informing your mind and body as it guides you to the perfect message for you at that moment in time.

To try Lectio Divina, simply pick out one of your favorite wisdom books — one that you go to for guidance and support. This could be a book of daily spiritual readings, an inspirational guide by your favorite author, a sacred text like the Bible, or, one of my favorites, the I Ching. 

Hold the book in your hands and set an intention for guidance in this moment. Then, without thinking, let your intuition move you to open the book to any page. 

Notice the words that first catch your attention on the page, and begin reading there. How do these words apply, literally or metaphorically, to your life at the moment? Is there a hidden message in the text that is speaking to you on another level? Often, you are taken right to the information you need. That’s the part of you that knows everything in action.

Take some time and sit in contemplation with the words your read. Let them sink into your being and notice how the resonate. Pay attention to any guidance or awareness that comes as you sit in this place of insight.

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