The Universe Remembers Everything: Intuition, the Akashic Field & the Cosmic Memory Bank

Once upon a time, there existed a mystical realm called the akashic records.

 This illustrious library of deeds was said to stretch to eternity and back — holding within it all the events, thoughts, feelings, acts, and stories of everything and everyone in the world. Recordings of all the loves, all the lives, and all the adventures that anyone has ever known could be found there. In this great hall of records, mystics like Rudolf Steiner and Edgar Cayce are said to have intuitively retrieved deep knowledge of the past, present, and future.

But could this mysterious place actually be real?

Could an ethereal plane of existence truly hold the whole story of humanity and beyond?

“The Akashic Records might seem to be some heavenly office room filled with file cabinets. Akasha, however, means ‘space.’ The ‘records’ implied are intrinsic to the oneness of infinite consciousness.”
~Dr. Ervin Laszlo

You may have already noticed that the description of the akashic, information-filled realm sounds a lot like your field of intrinsic awareness — your intuition field that holds all information and connects all things.

We can reimagine the akashic records not so much as a library of books but as a compendium of quantum data stored in the ethers of the universe. In the late 1800s, when the idea of the akashic records was popularized in the West, no one knew anything about quantum physics, computers, or electronic data; those who accessed the akashic field intuitively described it in the only way they knew how — as books, the primary source of information in their time.

Today, with this modernized understanding of the akashic tradition, we are discovering more about its vital role in the ecosystem of universal consciousness and the part we play in it. According to Dr. Ervin László, “The unified field is a space-filling medium that underlies the manifest things and processes of the universe. . . . It’s also the element of the cosmos that records, conserves, and conveys information. In the latter guise it’s the Akashic field, the rediscovered ancient concept of Akasha” The akasha — which is, interestingly, translated as ether or space — is the basis of all things, the cosmic source that stores all the data of creation. The existence of a personally accessible, collective cosmic memory bank has been proposed not just by scientists and mystics but also by philosophers, biologist, and psychologists around the world.

In 1896, French philosopher Henri Bergson published a book called Matter and Memory, which suggested that memories are not materially embedded in the brain but are instead an integral part of our consciousness. English parapsychologist and biochemist Rupert Sheldrake expanded on this concept with the idea of morphic resonance, claiming that memory is implicit in nature and accounts for the “telepathy-like interconnections between organisms.” He specifically compared morphic resonance to the akashic records. Another idea rose to popularity with Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung, who suggested that human beings are connected to each other — and even their ancestors — through a “collective unconscious.

Not only does the cosmic memory field act as a database of everything that is, was, or ever will be, it also creates, records, and stores all the events of our individuated consciousness.

Everything we observe, do, feel, think, make, or intend is imprinted and forever saved in the timeless annals of existence. Furthermore, since all knowledge is stored as mind-accessible information in the quantum field, all of it is intuitively retrievable.

Interconnected with the nothingness of metareality and the somethingness of our material reality, the akashic realm is the thought matrix of all creation. Unlike the material world, which is part of our local matrix of reality, the akashic realm is the dreamlike world of our collective consciousness, where all things can be known. It echoes in the space between eternity and the present moment, an ineffable somewhereness that holds the deep wisdom of the universe. It feels like a memory you never had, a story that feels familiar, or even an invisible touch.

We can explain phenomena such as past-life recall, remote viewing, and various other intriguing psychic abilities. All the information is out there; we just need to train our minds to receive it.

Unlike the local reality you explore with your thinking mind and five senses, you explore the akashic, nonlocal dimension with your intuition and your metasenses. This is the in-between realm where the eternal and temporal meet — where all local manifestations in time and space are stored nonlocally and eternally. It is where your childhood memories are stored, where your future destiny is held, and where everything you do lives on. All this information can be read by your intuitive mind, revealing experiences from the distant past or future, even events happening in faraway places. Here, you can regain forgotten moments of your past (like a memory retrieved through hypnosis), potential details about your future (like a premonition), or elements going on behind the scenes in your life (like other people’s actions that you are unaware of ).

Nonlocal information feels like memory because the quantum field is the cosmic memory bank.

Memory is the saving of information. It is as if your personal consciousness is a local hard drive of memory that backs up to the universal storage cloud — available to be read by other people with the right connection. David R. Hawkins presented this idea in Power vs. Force: “The individual human mind is like a computer terminal connected to a giant database. The database is human consciousness itself, of which our own consciousness is merely an individual expression, but with its roots in the common consciousness of all mankind.”

All the information that you process, in every moment of the day, is recorded and saved in the eternal information bank of the nonlocal field. These memories fill the timeless dimension of the mind matrix and form what has been called the akashic record.

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