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the ultimate intuition experience

The Sacred Guide:
1-Year Inner Awakening Journey

The Truth is Within You...Let's Find it Together

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Awaken and Live by Your Inner Wisdom


A Full Year of Intuitive Guidance

Develop your own intuition and receive ongoing, personal guidance from our IntuitionLab community, mentors and faculty.

Leading-Edge Intuition Practices

Expand your intuitive nature with our step-by-step, yearlong intuition awakening and empowerment  journey.

Quarterly Intensive Training

The Sacred Guide program includes all of our quarterly programs, in addition to our year-round small group cohort workshops, masterminds, and signature experiences.

Flexible to Your Life and Lifestyle

You can attend our experiences live or watch the recordings, so you learn and practice at your own pace. We are here for you every step of the way!
"Your one true guide is within you ~ it is you."
-kim chestney, founder of intuitionlab

Intuitive Personal Growth & Certification Pathways

The Ultimate Intuition Experience

a program that will change your life

Discover who you really are (and what you are made for)

Awaken to your true, authentic self + higher state of being

Personally experience the meaningful magic of the universe

Live with clarity and reclaim you inner power

Step onto your highest path and purpose

Meet fellow travelers and life-long friends

Make this the year you live by your truth...


Year-Round Intuitive Growth
in a Small Group Community


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Intuition Awakening & Attunement

activate your 4 intuitive pathways
During our first quarter, you will make new friends while our trainings give you a complete intuition attunement for body, mind, heart and spirit ~ so you can start living 24/7 by your inner guidance.
  • Discover the 4 Types of Intuition and how to use them
  • Find out your natural intuition affinity and archetype
  • Learn the 4-Step Intuitive Process and how to master it
  • Work with the 3 Levels of Intuitive Consciousness


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Advanced Intuition Fieldwork & Training

train your quantum intelligence
In the second semester, we work in small groups and deeper into intuitive mastery. You will use your intuition explore the inner dimension and personally experience "impossible things." 
  • Explore the non-local field 
  • Learn to confidently know your intuition without tools
  • Intuitively clear and balance your Chakras 
  • Tap into your past lives and heal their energy
  • Remote viewing future events


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Inner Retreat & Higher-Self Discovery

return to your true authentic self
Our summer program is a practice-at-your-own-pace inward journey, supported by bi-weekly guest teacher workshops, insight circles and ongoing practice with a summer partner.
  • Make the inward shift + build a deeper relationship with your authentic, higher self
  • Build a Sacred Space in your home
  • Experience the magic of a Silent Retreat
  • With Transmutation Fire Rituals, Nature Baths & Earth Altars


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Live, Lead & Heal with Your Inner Light

develop intuition mastery
By the end of the Sacred Guide program, you will have a solid mastery of your intuition, with the ability to confidently navigate your own life and also help others along their highest path.
  • Experience the Sacred Guide Mastermind 
  • Enjoy our Fall Healing Circle + Group Insight Meditation
  • Receive a Blessing Talisman
  • Go deeper into your higher powers: Remote Viewing, Energy Medicine, Akashic Records, & Psychometry

 Participate in these experiences from anywhere in the world!

Remote study and flexible scheduling options to fit your lifestyle
It has been an absolute honor and joy to be able to give and receive intuitive messages that have been healing, transformative and have helped me to build an even deeper trust in my own guidance. I’ve met some amazing people, felt really held on many occasions, and have had a lot of fun. Kim is a compassionate instructor, guide, and total leader in this field. I can’t recommend any of her courses highly enough."
JeeJee Saafir
Business Leader & Astrologer


The 2 ways to join the Sacred Guide program:


Our year-1 Personal Growth program is a relaxed journey that fits your busy life.

Intuitive growth at your own pace

Learn at your own pace. Study on your own. Practice live with a supportive group of friends and mentors.

Guidance and mentorship

Kim, the IntuitionLab faculty and your fellow classmates will be here for you every step of the way.

No exams or required coursework

Our Personal Growth program has no required attendance, homework, or out of class requirements so its fits into your schedule.

Flexible pathways for your ongoing growth

You can add on Certification or other special activities at any time, should you be interested.


Our Certification pathway offers exclusive intuition experiences.

Certified Intuition Mastery (CIP)

All year-1 certification graduates earn Certified Intuition Practitioner accreditation, a professional level certification by the Intuition Alliance.

Intuition Mastermind Group

The certification track includes a 3-hour mastermind to help you solve problems, gain insights or attain higher awareness in your life.

An Illumination Journey

All certification students receive a private 60+ minute Illumination Journey with Kim Chestney.

Private 1:1 with Kim Chestney

Get a 30 minute mentorship Meet & Greet session to set your goals and intentions for the year ahead.

What is the time commitment? Our year-1 certification's training program has a flexible, learn at your own pace time commitment. You are required to attend some live workshops and group experiences, but we easily adapt them to your lifestyle and schedule.

Our 4 Quarterly Programs are Included in Your Sacred Guide Journey

Kim Chestney's IntuitionLab training goes deep within and guides you to "turn on your lights" of intuition, where before the course the lights merely flickered! Not only is the program virtual, you will meet amazing people via the live video sessions as a class. Trust the universe in taking this course - it all happens at the time it's meant to, and meeting people you are meant to meet at the right time. It's truly an amazing experience!"
Kelli Lonetto
Intuitive Energy Coach

A Sacred Space for Inner Discovery

Awaken & Live by Your Inner Wisdom

no intuition experience necessary

  • 1:1 Mentoring
  • Live Workshops
  • Self- Study
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PROGRAM highlights
  • Give & receive life-changing intuitive guidance
  • Discover your true path and higher purpose
  • Get a personal mentorship in our small group cohort
  • Awaken and attune your 4 intuitive pathways; learn your innate intuitive language; live intuition development practice.
  • Make new friends and join a community of kindred spirits

With Exclusive Teachings from Kim Chestney's Ground-Breaking Intuition Books!

Are you ready to live by your Sacred Guide?
The time has come if...

  • You have experienced the mystery of intuition and yearn to know it more deeply
  • You are longing to grow personally, spiritually, and professionally 
  • You are ready to break free of limiting self-judgment, habits, unconsciousness, and trauma
  • You know that a higher part of yourself holds all the wisdom you need to live your best life.
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"My experience of the year-long Sacred Guide program was life-changing for me. I learned so much about myself and gained a huge amount of self confidence in the process. Absolutely the BEST instruction on growing your own intuitive powers and how to use them in the most positive way."

arlene holtz
Professional Artist, Pittsburgh PA

"I expected the Sacred Guide program would help me further develop my intuition, but I had no idea that it would be such a personal experience or how much I would learn about myself along the way. I'm truly proud to claim this experience, and am ready to move forward in exploration of my place in this universe."

walter zemrock, cimp
Paper Crafter, Boston MA
a personalized journey for you

Sacred Guide Exclusive Experiences

Our Signature Intuition Development Activities

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Meet & Greet with Kim Chestney

All students have the opportunity to participate in a Meet & Greet with Kim Chestney. Certification students get a 30-minute private Zoom session that includes:

  • Overview of your personal goals

  • Intention setting for your path & purpose
  • A special token gift from Kim
Included for all students
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IntuitionLab Pods

Extend your learning outside the classroom and grow your intuition with groups of kindred spirits and fellow travelers on the path.
  • A supportive group of 4-5 peers
  • A safe space to explore and experiment
  • Ongoing intuitive guidance
starting each spring
Included for all students

Group Insight Circles

Give and receive guiding intuitive insight in our weekly "Message for Moment" group intuition shares.

Intuition Exchanges

Our weekly partner intuition exercises allow you practice using your intuition and getting valuable validations ~ so you can learn to trust it.

Open Labs

We offer open labs each month on Zoom so you can ask questions, practice and get personal mentorship when you need it.

Guest Teacher Workshops

Expand your learning with our world-class guest teachers, like Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Whitley Strieber, Steve Kilbey...and many more!
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The Illumination Journey

Forge a pathway to your inner dimension and receive direct guidance from your higher self in this 60+ minute private inner immersion led by Kim Chestney.
  • 1:1 with Kim Chestney

  • A guided journey into the deep dimension
  • Discover your inner sanctuary
  • Meet with your guiding forces
  • Receive wisdom for this life and beyond
Included for all certification students (add-ons available)
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The Intuition Mastermind

Find the answers you seek during our group intuition mastermind, drawing the shared "crowdsourced" inner wisdom of our faculty and Sacred Guide peers.
  • Guidance for any area of your life
  • Small groups of 4-5 intuitionists
  • Get validations from multiple people
  • Lead by Kim Chestney
Included for all certification students (add-ons available)
This is more than just a course. This is real life. How to start living life on a conscious level. The people you meet in class and interact with are amazing souls. Kim Chestney takes you step by step on this journey of listening to your truth. Believing in yourself and living in the conscious, not subconscious. I wish I would have known what I have learned from Kim and my fellow peers years ago. However, it is never too late!"
Sue Flesher
Finance Manager

Plus...get $500+ in Bonus Experiences!

All Sacred Guides get a free 1-year IntuitionLab membership + exclusive tools

20+ Hours of Recorded Intuition Trainings

Explore all kinds of intuitive practices, including Energy Medicine, the Chakras, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Ayurveda, Yoga, Astrology, Art..and more!

Our Foundational Intuition Development Mini-Course

Learn how to use intuitive tools, like our Insight Card deck, to receive guidance using our 4-step intuitive process.

Exclusive Meditations + Creative Activities

Open up space for your intuition with a array of guided meditations and intuition-enhancing creative activities.

Monthly Live Workshops

Join us each month for Inner Wisdom Wednesdays, a gathering to share intuition practice and ask questions directly to Kim Chestney


In our private community of fellow travelers, you can share ideas and explore life's mysteries together!

VIP Exclusives

Be the first to get new intuition development practices, event invitations, special program pricing, and exclusive 1:1 mentoring access.

"I loved every minute of the Sacred Guide year. It was a "coming together" for me. Looking forward to another year!"

Nurse, Chicago, Illinois

"Excellent Class! Excellent Instructors! Excellent Participants! I learned so much about myself."

melissa gulliani
Accountant, Pittsburgh, PA

Include IntuitionLab Certification

If you are serious about your intuition development or are seeking professional credentials for your life's work, our Sacred Guide Certified Intuition Practitioner pathway includes:
  • Our most indepth intuiton development experiences
  • Private mentorship & 1:1 time with Kim Chestney
  • Advanced intuition training
  • Private Illumination Journey with Kim Chestney
  • Intuition Mastermind
  • Faculty, employment and leadership pathway
  • Illumination box mailed to your home
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We will work with you to custom-create a pathway to meet your goals.

The Sacred Guide
Personal Growth

A relaxed, learn-at-your-own pace journey to awaken your intuition ~ and integrate it into all you do. 
  • 100+ intuition trainings, meditations, and development practices 

  • Independent study or live workshops
  • Full intuition attunement for body, mind, heart and spirit

  • 4 quarterly workshop series live with Kim Chestney

  • 1-year IntuitionLab membership
  • Insight circles + intuition exchanges
  • Open labs + personal mentoring
  • VIP guest teacher workshops
  • VIP discounts on intuition mentorship sessions, private coaching and other 1:1 experiences
  • Option to add on certification later in the year or following years

Special Pricing!
Start for only $77!

The Sacred Guide

Our most indepth intuition experience includes everything in the Personal Growth program, plus:
  • Intuition Practitioner Certification (CIP)

  • Private Meet & Greet with Kim Chestney

  • A 90-minute private, 1:1 Illumination Journey 

  • Group Intuition Mastermind 

  • Personal guidance and mentorship from Kim 

  • Faculty and leadership pathway

  • Opportunity to lead workshops in your areas of specialty

  • A custom-curated Illumination Box mailed to your home

Space is limited for this program.
Please reserve your spot early!

             Cohort size is limited to 20 people for a personal and transformative experience.


That's how sure we are that you will love The Sacred Guide program! 

"Your intuition is the master key that unlocks life's secrets + opens the gateway to your true Self."


The annual SACRED GUIDE Program Includes:

Sign Up Now to Get:

  • 100+ Trainings + Activities
  • 1-Year of Guidance
  • Live Intuition Practice
  • A Community of Friends

A Full Year of Intuitive Guidance + Development

Learn at your own pace with a step-by-step program to expand your intuitive ability, guided with intuitive insight from our community and faculty.

IntuitionLab Membership
(value $300+)

Membership includes our Intuition Starter Kit, Illumination Studio, Library, Monthly Inner Wisdom Wednesdays and 20+ Guest Teacher Workshops

Sign up with peace of mind.


If you aren't totally in love with this program, you can cancel anytime until February 15. No questions asked!


Pick Your Sacred Guide Pathway


Personal Growth Program(Pay in Full)

Sale! $777 ($1297)
A full year of intuitive development and guidance. Learn at your own pace. No attendance or course requirements. 
  • Pay in full discount
  • IntuitionLab 1-year membership
  • 4 quarterly workshop series
  • 10+ courses and 100+ activities
  • Monthly open labs + mentorship
  • Insight Circles + Intuition Exchanges
  • Supportive interactive community
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee

Personal Growth Program (Pay Monthly)

Sale! $77/month  ($111/mo)
A full year of intuitive development and guidance. Learn at your own pace. No attendance or course requirements. 
  • Monthly Payments for your budget
  • IntuitionLab 1-year membership
  • 4 quarterly workshop series
  • 10+ courses and 100+ activities
  • Monthly open labs + mentorship
  • Insight Circles + Intuition Exchanges
  • Supportive interactive community
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee

w/ Level 1 Intuition Certification

$1997 or $171/mo
Includes everything in the Personal Growth program plus exclusive Certification training and professional leadership pathways.
  • Certified Intuition Practitioner (CIP)
  • Our most in-depth intuition training
  • Private mentorship with Kim
  • 90-Minute private Illumination Journey
  • Intuition Mastermind
  • Illumination Box mailed to your home
  • Practitioner training + faculty path
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee


Sign up with peace of mind. We have a No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee.*

Cancel anytime until February 15. No questions asked.

Why You Will Love the Sacred Guide Experience

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"The Sacred Guide program is life changing. This program gives you the tools to trust the gut and the reasons behind that feeling. I highly recommended this program to EVERYONE IN THE WORLD. Intuition is used all the time and everywhere. This program allows a person to tune into their own intuition and make better decisions in every phase of life. Plus- Kim is GREAT!"
gary erickson
Real Estate Entrepreneur
""Kim is such an insightful, caring, and nurturing teacher. Working with her has helped me to not only recognize and tap more into my intuition but to accept myself as the master creator of my own reality."
dominique irish
Fitness Coach
"This program has been life changing. I never knew how much our intuition could be used to make every decision in our life and feel confident that we are doing the right thing. Everything from the courses to the insight circles, there is so much information here. It is beyond valuable!"
Yoga Teacher & Women's Coach
Meet your instructor, kim chestney
Kim Chestney has been teaching intuition for over 20 years. She has three internationally published books on intuitive development and has taught her ground-breaking intuition work at world-class institutions including the Omega Institute, Shift Network, Dreamland, and the Edgar Cayce Center, among others. She looks forward to sharing her passion for intuition with all students and facilitating the meaningful shift into expanded consciousness for all.

Your 1-Year Journey

discover the sacred guide within you

             Weekly Program Agenda

  • Welcome + Overview
  • Weekly Teaching (Live Presentation)
  • Intuition Activation Meditation
  • Personal Message for the Moment
  • Group Insight Circle or Partner Intuition Exchange (Optional)

*We are so sure that you will love the Sacred Guide Program that we have a No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee. See our FAQ for full details here.

This course brought my intuition to life which in turn guided me to my clear path and purpose in life. I'm so grateful for what I've learned through this year long program and the new community I've discovered."

Barron Cato
Life Coach

Journey with Us in the Year Ahead!

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