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PART OF the year-1 sacred guide journey

Leading-Edge Intuitive Mastery Credentials for Your Life + Life's Work


Certified Intuition Practitioner (CIP)
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join our small-group cohort

Be part of our most intensive intuition development experience

Certified Intuition Mastery (CIP)

All year-1 certification graduates earn Certified Intuition Practitioner accreditation, a professional level certification by the Intuition Alliance.

Intuition Mastermind Group

The certification track includes a 3-hour mastermind to help you solve problems, gain insights or attain higher awareness in your life.

An Illumination Journey

All certification students receive a private 60+ minute Illumination Journey with Kim Chestney.

Private 1:1 with Kim Chestney

Get a 30 minute mentorship Meet & Greet session to set your goals and intentions for the year ahead.

What is the time commitment? Our year-1 certification's training program has a flexible, learn at your own pace time commitment. You are required to attend some live workshops and group experiences, but we easily adapt them to your lifestyle and schedule.

Who Should get Certified?

An IntuitionLab certification gives you the training and accreditation to confidently use your intuition skills to guide yourself and those around you. 

Awakening Seekers & Emerging Intuitives

The Sacred Guide program is designed to reawaken the intuitive dimension of your body, mind, heart, and spirit. If you are called to know the spiritual nature of life itself ~ to truly heal yourself and others ~ this course will take you deeper into your awakening journey.

Holistic Practitioners & Yoga Teachers

As a respected teacher or healer, you serve from the highest place when you lead by your own sacred, inner guide. When you teach from a place of intuitive, higher awareness, you radiate authentic wisdom, serve with empathy, and become a true beacon of light.

Artists, Writers & Creatives

Intuition is the force behind all creativity. Whatever you are building, manifesting, or making, opening up your intuitive flow will help you to break through creative blocks, fill your life with inspiration, and connect you to the true creative Source.

Entrepreneurs & Thought-Leaders

Whether you are just starting out or ready to take your life's work to the next level, The Sacred Guide program shifts you into the mindset of success as you step into your unique, personal creative power...and own it.

I have always struggled with procrastination & decision making. Therefore, I was always seeking the advice of others, spending countless time, energy, and money on courses & coaches. This program gave the tools needed to follow my own intuitive guidance, literally saving me thousands on future programs I would have invested in. Kim teaches you how to go within & to trust yourself and your inner guidance system, enabling you to become your own coach & mentor."

Sara Kostelnik, CIMP
Interior Designer, Austin, Texas


Part of the Sacred Guide 1-Year Awakening Journey


The Program Includes:

  • 100+ Trainings + Activities
  • 1-Year of Guidance
  • Live Intuition Practice
  • A Community of Friends

A Full Year of Intuitive Guidance + Development

Learn at your own pace with a step-by-step program to expand your intuitive ability, guided with intuitive insight from our community and faculty.

IntuitionLab Membership
(value $500+)

Membership includes our Intuition Starter Kit, Illumination Studio, Library, Monthly Inner Wisdom Wednesdays and 20+ Guest Teacher Workshops

Plus...Get an Illumination Box Delivered to Your Home

All Sacred Guide Certification students receive our special, hand-curated Illumination Box mailed to their home during the first semester. This box includes a suite of tools:
  • Radical Intuition Book or
  • Illuminate! Insight Card Deck
  • A Special Mala Bead Necklace
  • Intuition-Enhancing Gemstones
  • Intuitively-Selected Affirmations
  • A piece of Sacred Art and other surprise goodies!
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This course brought my intuition to life which in turn guided me to my clear path and purpose in life. I'm so grateful for what I've learned through this year long program and the new community I've discovered."

Barron Cato
Life Coach

The IntuitionLab Certification Pathway

Starter, Advanced and Leadership Paths

Year 1: Intuition Awakening, Practice & Development

The Sacred Guide Year-1 Certification Program is our most exciting and immersive intuition development experience. It includes:
  • Small Group Cohort
  • Exclusive Trainings
  • 1:1 Mentorship
  • Illumination Journey with Kim Chestney
  • Intuition Mastermind
  • Certified Intuition Practitioner (CIP) Accreditation


  • Learning Your Intuitive Language
  • Giving & Receiving Intuitive Guidance
  • How to Communicate Your Intuition Effectively
  • Using Intuitive Tools
  • Practices include: Remote Viewing, Chakra Reading, Insight Cards, Psychometry, Stream-of-Conscious Writing, Billets, Silent Retreat, Journaling, Insight Meditation...and more! 

Year 2: Advanced Intuition Training & Leadership

The Light Leader Year-2  Certification Program is an opportunity for dedicated intuitionists to take their intuition to the next level. It includes:
  • Small Group Advanced Cohort
  • Exclusive Advanced Trainings
  • Past Life Mastermind
  • Guiding Forces Mastermind
  • Mentoring & Leadership Opportunities
  • Certified Intuition Master Practitioner (CIMP) Accreditation


  • Inner Light Focus Groups
  • Integrating Intuition into Your Life/Life's Work
  • Lead a workshop in your area of specialty
  • Faculty Pathway
  • Practices include: Past Life Exploration, Alternate Realities, Ancestral Karma, Spiritual Lineage & Guides, Inter-dimensional Life,  Year-2 Sacred Guide Experiences...and more!

          All programs run on an annual basis + are flexible to your lifestyle.
You can take a break and pick up where you left off anytime.

The IntuitionLab
Level 1 Certification Journey

A Year-long Unfolding of Intuition Mastery. Part of the Sacred Guide Program.
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Quarter 1: Awakening

Activate your latent intuitive abilities and the unique language of your intuition.

Quarter 2:

Practice using your intuition skills to help yourself and other people.

Quarter 3:

Break through any final blocks and integrate intuition into your life + life's work.

Quarter 4:

Learn how to lead, mentor and coach others with your  intuitive expertise.

Pick Your Certification Pathway



The Sacred Guide Certification Program

Certified Intuition Practitioner

$1997 (Pay in Full)
Includes the Sacred Guide Personal Growth program and a full year of intuitive training
  • Pay in full discount
  • IntuitionLab 1-year membership
  • Everything in the Sacred Guide program PLUS...
  • Token 1:1 Meet & Greet with Kim
  • Private Illumination Journey with Kim
  • Intuition Mastermind
  • Illumination Box mailed to your home
  • Practitioner training + faculty path

Certification with Monthly Payments

Certified Intuition Practitioner

Includes the Sacred Guide Personal Growth program and a full year of intuitive training
  • Monthly payments for your budget
  • IntuitionLab 1-year membership
  • Everything in the Sacred Guide program PLUS...
  • Token 1:1 Meet & Greet with Kim
  • Private Illumination Journey with Kim
  • Intuition Mastermind
  • Illumination Box mailed to your home
  • Practitioner training + faculty path

Add-On to the Sacred Guide Program

Certified Intuition Practitioner

If you have already enrolled in the Sacred Guide personal growth program, you can upgrade to the year-1 Certification track here.

Additional experiences include:
  • Token 1:1 Meet & Greet with Kim
  • Private Illumination Journey with Kim
  • Intuition Mastermind
  • Illumination Box mailed to your home
  • Practitioner training + faculty path


Why this program will change your life


" I highly recommend the intuition certification program to everyone who is looking to work more on their intuitive side. This is definitely a life changing course for all, very special and close to me. Kim, with her great wisdom takes you through an amazing journey of intuition. She provides you with in-depth knowledge and practical way of approaching you intuition and implementing the same in your life."
praveen ghumnar, CIP
Mumbai, India
"Getting certified taught me to trust myself and quiet the questioning I had around my intuition. Kim is amazing and brings so much valuable information and insight to everything she does. I highly recommend this program if you want to take things to the next level."
angela sipe, cIMP
Philadelphia, Pa
"Kim understands that the practice of intuition can be accessible to all of us, and I love the sense of practicality and fun she brings while teaching you to apply intuition to everyday life. She helps you to understand and trust your own internal language for truth. Learning to trust yourself is one of the first steps to following your true life’s path, and Kim has the wisdom and insight to help you reach your goals!"
Myrtle Beach, North Carolina

Year-1 Sacred Guide
Certification Journey

Get Intuition-Certified this Year!

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