Fall 2019 Semester Now In Progress

Wednesdays at 7PM EST October 2 - November 20 (Space is Limited)

  • $97.00

    Includes 8 live, drop-in workshops! NO INTUITION EXPERIENCE NECESSARY

    Enrollment Closed

Membership to the Inner Wisdom Circle includes up to 8 weekly drop-in Intuition Workshops in our IntuitionLab virtual studio. 

Just like a yoga class, these are stand-alone sessions, so it's ok if you miss one or can't attend consecutively. Your membership is a pass to attend any or all of the semester workshops.

The Inner Wisdom Circle includes some great bonuses like:

  • Lifetime membership to IntuitionLab's private Facebook community. Here you can ask questions, share your journey with friends and connect directly with Kim.
  • A full suite of our favorite Intuitive Development Tools
  • Credit towards Level 1 or 2 Intuition Certification

All 1hr+ Sessions, include:

  • Yoga Kriya (Seated) to open the Intuitive Pathways
  • Intuition Activation Meditation
  • Message for the Moment
  • Special Intuition Exercise

Each week, we learn and practice new intuitive development techniques!


Starter Orientation Class
Intuition Fundamentals/Review, Course Overview & Group Practice

8-Week Series
Class 1: Mastering the Wisdom Cards
Class 2: The Intuitive Flow: Sudden Insight Practice
Class 3: Blind Intuition Practice
Class 4: Signs: The Intuition of Serendipity
Class 5: Quantum Viewing
Class 6: Vision Journaling
Class 7: The Shift: Connecting with your Higher Self
Class 8: Dream Circle

*All dates and topics subject to change 

All sessions will take place live on Zoom, led live by Kim Chestney.


Join the Inner Wisdom Circle

8-Week Online Live Class + Workshops in the IntuitionLab Virtual Studio

  • 1
    Welcome to the Inner Wisdom Circle
  • 2
    The Inner Wisdom Circle: Intuition Basics
    • Welcome Presentation
  • 3
    The Foundations of "New School" Intuition
  • 4
    Read, Watch & Learn More About Intuition
    • Intuition Articles & Blog
    • Intuition Videos, Podcasts & Wisdom Talks
  • 5
    IntuitionLab's Intuitive Development Pathway
    • Awaken! Retreat ~ Wake Up to Your Higher Self & Inner Truth (All Levels)
    • Illuminate: 8 Week Intuition Awakening & Certification Program (Level 1)
    • Level 1 Intuition Certification: (CII) Certified Intuition Initiate
    • Arise! Intuition Attunement Retreat ~ Rise Into Your Inner Power (All Levels)
    • Radiate: 8 Week Expert Intuition Certification Program (Level 2)
    • Level 2 Intuition Certification: (CIP) Certified Intuition Practitioner
    • Destination Intuition Retreats: 5+ Day Immersions and Master Teacher Trainings (Level 2-3)
  • 6
    • Week 1: Intuition & Wisdom Cards
    • Week 2: Resonance & Journaling
    • Week 3: 4 Types of Intuition & Billet Practice
    • Week 4: Physical Intuition (Body)
    • Week 5: Mindful Intuition (Mind)
    • Module 6: Creative Intuition (Heart)
    • Module 7: Enlightened Intuition (Spirit)
    • Week 8: Signs from the Universe
  • 7
    Additional Workshop Materials
    • Rapid Fire Questions for Intuition Journaling
    • Intuition Checklist: How to Know if It is Really Intuition
    • The 4 Intuitive Pathways of Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit

Empowering all people to awaken and live their truth with the power of Intuition