A Fall Event for Sacred Guide Intuitionists

Share and Receive Extraordinary Insight with the Level 4 Intuitionist Group

  • Clear Blocked Energy + Raise Your Vibration

    This experience is designed as the final step in your intuition attunement, allowing you to fully commune with your whole, higher being.

  • Community Intuition Exchange

    Get mind-blowing validations and extraordinary insights from the collective group as you find the answers you are looking for.

  • Personal Insight + Problem Solving

    Each participant receives dedicated intuitive support, readings, and insight from a group of advanced intuitionists + faculty.

Experience the Ultimate Intuition Mind-Share

  • Breaking through unconscious blocks

  • Learn more about your evolutionary path + purpose

  • Commune with your deepest inner connection

  • Get validating insights from our faculty and peer network

Join the Sacred Guide Mastermind

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