Let's Bring the Light!

The Final 3-Month Sacred Guide Experience Includes:

  • Level 4 Intuition Attunement + Practitioner Certification

    The final course in the Sacred Guide program offers the highest level of inner attunement.

  • A Full Month of Workshops + Advanced Practice

    Participate as an advanced student or mentor in the Higher Powers workshop series.

  • Sacred Guide Graduation + Blessing Ceremony

    Seal our journey and receive a Blessing Talisman to carry your inner power onward + upwards.

  • Group Intuition Mastermind

    Find the answers your seek as we intuitively "crowdsource" for solutions and higher awareness.

  • Healing & Reiki Share

    A final group healing event to break through any last blocks and rebalance.

  • Group Insight Meditation

    Join together with our intuition family to open space and receive insight with our shared energy.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the 4th Level: Being the Light

    2. Radiate! Program Overview

    3. Agenda, Live Workshop Dates + Times

    4. Sacred Guide Prayer + Healing Wall

    5. Share Your Extraordinary Intuition Story

    1. Kick-Off Party, Inner Field Meditation + Token Gift Exchange

    2. How to Activate Your Gift Token

    3. Radiate Your Inner Light: Opening Presentation Slides.pdf

    1. Join the Year-1 Group Intuition Mastermind (By Sept 11)

    2. Get Started on the Intuition Mastermind (Included for Certification Students)

    3. Add-On the Intuition Mastermind (Personal Growth Students)

    1. Group Insight Meditation #1 (20 Minutes)

    2. The Intuition of the Tao Te Ching: A Poem for Meditation

    3. Radical Insight: Be a Light Unto Your Self

    4. Free of Intention, True Life Unfolds (Video Meditation by Mooji)

    1. Save the Date for Our Sacred Guide Healing Circle + Reiki Share

    2. Healing with Your Higher Power: The Shift Network Energy Medicine Workshop with Kim Chestney

    3. Your Intuitive Healer's Kit: Downloadable Tools for Healing with Your Higher Power

    4. Grounding: Energy Medicine for Inner Balance, with Rita Lampe, Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Pittsburgh

    5. The Fundamentals of Reiki Healing, with Angela Sipe, Reiki Master, Philidelphia

    6. Your Inner Intuitive Healer, with Marla Mervis-Hartmann, Wellness Expert, Los Angeles

    1. Schedule + Program Information

    2. Sign Up as a Mentor for the Higher Powers Program (By October 15)

    3. Quantum Intuition: Exploring Your Inner Dimension (with Peter Smith, author of "Quantum Consciousness," Australia)

About this course

  • $397.00
  • 35 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content

Join the Radiate! Program

This course is included in the Sacred Guide program + also available year-round for independent study after completing Ascend.