A Post-Graduate Intuition Mastery + Leadership Program

Bringing the Light for a New Generation

  • Sacred Service + Intuition Mastery

    The ultimate step in your intuitive development. Deepen your gifts and share your inner light with the world as an Intuition Master, Teacher or Leader.

  • Coaching + Master Teacher/Leader Certification

    Coach and mentor year-1 Sacred Guide students, attend masterminds and earn post-graduate level certification.

  • Faculty + Practitioner Employment Opportunities

    Take your intuitive skills to the next level with a leadership project + participation in live events, retreats + our community network.

Annual Program: January - August Each Year

Prerequisite: 1-Year Certified Intuition Practitioner (CIP) Program

The Light Leader Program Includes:

Certified Intuition Master (CIM) Credential

  • Level 5 Intuition Mastery + Leadership Training

  • 2 Intuition Masterminds and 15+ Group Workshops

  • IntuitionLab Faculty + Advisory Board Position

  • Group Leadership Project to Share Your Gifts with the World

The Light Leader Program

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome, Light Leaders!

    • Welcome to Year 2 of IntuitionLab

    • Live Workshop Dates & Times

    • Agenda & Program Overview

    • Light Leader Milestones: Checklist

    • Office Hours & Student Mentorship

  • 2

    Join the IntuitionLab Faculty

    • Complete Your Faculty Intake Form

    • Faculty Graduation & Certification Essentials

    • Sign Up to Coach at Illuminate! and Elevate! Workshops

    • Join "The Sanctuary" ~ Our Sacred Arts + Services Community

  • 3

    Leadership Project + Mentoring

    • Schedule a Leadership Project Brainstorming Session (30 Minutes) by March 1

    • Submit Your Leadership Project Proposal by April 1 (after Brainstorming Session)

    • Schedule Your Final Leadership Mentoring Session (45 Minutes) by August 1 (Optional)

  • 4

    The Light Leader Studio: Talks, Meditations & Teachings

    • The Business of Intuition: The Power of Insight as Your Secret Weapon in Leadership

    • Your Voyage of Transformation: Intuitively Navigating Your Life Path, with Katie Brauer, San Diego, California

    • Growing Your Business with Insight, with Marni Gauthier, PhD, Boulder Colorado

    • Launch Your Calling with Destinee Berman, San Francisco

  • 5

    Mastermind #1: Past Lives + the Intuition Matrix

    • Intuition Mastermind Overview + Preparation Instructions

    • Understanding the Intuition Field + Matrix of All Knowledge

    • How to Access Your Intuition Matrix: Directions for the Past Life Mastermind

    • Your Mastermind #1 Workbook

  • 6

    Mastermind #2: Your Guiding Forces + Wisdom Keepers

    • Mastermind # 2 Overview + Preparation Instructions

    • Understanding the Nature of Multi-Dimensional Life

    • Guiding Forces: How to Connect with Your Teachers, Guides + Spiritual Lineage

    • Your Mastermind #2 Workbook

  • 7

    Intuition Master Certification

    • Graduation: Submit Your Graduation & Certification Form

    • Propose a Public Workshop or Event with our Intuition Community (Extra Credit)

    • Light Leader Certification: Enter Your Graduation Code

Join the IntuitionLab Faculty & Advisory Board

Our Year 2 journey is focused on developing skills around intuition mentorship, leadership, practice and community.

  • Coach + guide incoming intuition students

  • Teach + facilitate programs in your area of interest

  • Become a featured member of "The Sanctuary" ~ our Sacred Services + Arts Community

Join the Light Leader Program

Become a Guiding Light to Others

  • $697.00

    Includes Intuition Mastery + Leadership Certification

  • 6 x $133.00

    Payment Plan



Give Back to the World

This program will give you the opportunity to share your unique intuitive gifts with others and light the pathway for a new generation of intuitives.