An Experience to Take You Deeper into Yourself...and Higher into Your Truth

Part of Your Level 3 Intuition Attunement

Included for all Sacred Guide Certification students, this powerful intuition experience is offered during the Ascend Summer Inner Retreat -- one on one with Kim Chestney.

This Summer, Go Deeper into Your Intuition than Ever Before

A 3-Part Journey to Expand Your Consciousness

  • Your Star Chart: Discovering Who "You" Really Are

    The session begins with an overview of your energetic life blueprint, which is written in the "code" of cosmos: Astrology. Includes a copy of your natal birth chart and a 20-page report outlining your natural frequencies and which ones are being activated in this moment.

  • The Inner Journey: Exploring the Superconscious Realm

    After identifying your current evolutionary themes, Kim leads you on a powerful intuitive journey through the depths of your unconscious blocks and into the heights of your superconscious awareness, so you can break through to new, higher levels of being.

  • Insight Card Ritual: Revealing the Truth + Validation

    We seal your journey with a special insight card session to process and validate the experiences of your inner journey, giving you action items to release and rise into your highest potential -- and find the answers you have been looking for.

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90+ Minutes of Intensive Inner Discovery