Ignite Your Inner Power

10-Days of Radical Intuition Practices, Readings & Conversations

  • Daily Radical Intuition Readings + Intentions

    Discover what your intuition really is and why it is the key to understanding who you are...and what you are made for.

  • Daily Talks with Wisdom-Keepers

    Learn how intuition has influenced the extraordinary lives of artists, scientists, healers, teachers, leaders...and more!

  • Daily Intuition-Ignition Practice

    Hands-on activities and inner work to create meaningful change and expansion in your life...starting now.

Join the Intuition Revolution

Are you ready to rise above the chaos of a divided world ~ and discover the truth behind it all?

"By going beyond the limits of our thinking mind, we have the opportunity to expand our consciousness and bring the world together like never before. 
To be true to yourself — this is the most revolutionary act.”
~ Kim Chestney, Radical Intuition

During The Intuition Revolution 10-Day, Learn-at-Your-Own-Pace Event, IntuitionLab founder and international bestselling author, Kim Chestney, will guide you through a transformational 10-day event to ignite your intuition ~ and start a movement of heart-centered change. This unprecedented event brings you:

  • Daily curated interviews to help you understand what intuition really is and how you can start using it right now to create your best life

  • Themed daily reading, lessons, and practices for applying intuition to your life

  • A 10-day downloadable Radical Intuition Journal to deepen your inner connection 

  • Lifetime access to the teachings so you can learn at your own pace, and come back to any lessons later

Featuring World-Class Special Guests

Steve Kilbey, Kelly Noonan Gores, Day Schildkret, Brett Larkin + more!

Each day, for 10 days, you will receive a new event day's activities. You will have lifetime access to each event, so you can watch and learn at your own pace. 

Event topics include: Conscious Evolution, Healing, Spirituality & God, Artificial Intelligence, Creative Genius, Quantum Realities, Innovation & Technology, Psychic Ability, The Future of Humanity, Leadership, Authenticity...and more!

Bonus! A *Free* Radical Intuition Ignition Kit

Get instant access to an exclusive bonus collection of intuition tools

Includes: 12-Page Genius Guide to Extraordinary Insight, Insight Card E-Deck Starter Pack, 45-Minute "Discover the Guru within You" Workshop, an Intuition Toolkit Guide...and more! ($99 Value)

Why You Will Love this Program

“Still getting through my 10-day #Intuitionrevolution with Kim Chestney. Cant tell you how helpful this has been getting back in touch with the part of me that I thought was "broken" What a load of rubbish that was that I was telling myself! All good things take time!”

Emma, United Kingdom

“Totally loving this & hope to go on to certification. Intuition is what will define this millennium as an epoch of human evolution. I’m on board!”

Elle H., USA

“Amazing so far! I look around at the people in my community, and we need to slow down more than ever. We are constantly moving from one world issue to another one without taking the space to put more "white space" on our calendar and listen to what our inner worlds are telling us. 🙏 🙏”

Eric, United States

“WOW! I just finished watching Steve Kilbey. The creative process was so intuitive. You need to empty the outside to be full on the inside. Be the vessel.”

Jim, Michigan

“Two great kick-in-the-butt interviews for creatives! I got my artist husband Ray to listen...he is going through an artist funk right now. He really needs Dennis Palumbo ("You are the source of your own creativity") and Byron Nash's tough love approach. Dear Ray - I think he absorbed something from both these guys today!”

Kathy, Pittsburgh

“Dear Kim, What a perfect way the close your intuition summit! Bhante's love/insight meditations were wonderful...I totally flowed with it. I will try to apply this same kind of unconditional love toward others in my everyday life. Thank you for this wonderful journey. I learned so much more about intuition and meditation.”

Michele, Canada

“I just scrolled through the page for Day 1, and I was blown away by how engaged it is! Readings, videos, prompts, and opportunities for engaging with the material...Congrats to the people that put this together. Can’t wait to be able to dive into it today!”

E Hannemann, United States


Program Agenda & Overview

    1. Event Information + Instant Access

    1. Day 1: Waking Up Your Inner Power ~ Understanding What Intuition Really Is

    2. Day 2: Start Your Inner Revolution ~ Make the Shift from the "Inner" to the "Outer"

    3. Day 3: Using Your Intuition to be More Creative and Inspired

    4. Day 4: The Healing Power of Intuition ~ Discover the Purpose in the Pain

    5. Day 5: Intuition & the Future of Humanity ~ The Next Step in Our Evolution

    6. Day 6: Living Your Truth ~ How to Intuitively Know Your Real Self

    7. Day 7: How to Use Intuition to Live Your Calling

    8. Day 8: The Connection Between Intuition & Genius ~ The Magic of Extraordinary Insight

    9. Day 9: Using Intuition to Overcome Suffering, Pain & Trauma

    10. Day 10: Everyday Enlightenment + Closing Insight Meditation with Buddhist Monk, Bhante Pemaratana

    1. The Genius Guide to Extraordinary Insight: Follow Your Intuition to Success, Creativity + Fulfillment

    2. Build an Intuition Toolkit: All the Essentials for Your Insight Practice

    3. Insight Cards (Starter Pack): Practice Talking with Your Higher Self ~ Download

    4. Mini-Tutorial: How to Use Insight Cards

    5. The Intuition Checklist: Is it Really Your Intuition?

    6. Discover the Guru In You: The Foundations of Radical Intuition (45 Minute Webinar)

    1. Join Our #1 Online Course: Illuminate! 6-Week Intuition Awakening + Mastery Program (with Level 1 Certification Pathway)

    2. Get Radical Intuition, A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power

    3. Our Gift to You: Visit our Illumination Shop (Use code FAMILY20 for 20% off all intuition-enhancing tools)

About this course

  • $47.00
  • 20 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

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Opened my eyes to what is possible...

Eva Maya

Wow! Great speakers. Great talks. And I loved the excercises. The whole experience really got me into my intuitive space and inspired me to listen more within. Learn A LOT of things I didn't know -- a totally different approach to intuition than I...

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Wow! Great speakers. Great talks. And I loved the excercises. The whole experience really got me into my intuitive space and inspired me to listen more within. Learn A LOT of things I didn't know -- a totally different approach to intuition than I thought I knew. Opened my eyes to a whole new world! Loved it!

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