A Full-Day Intensive Journey into Your Intuition

Awaken to Higher Awareness & Enlighten Your Inner Being

The Ultimate Intuition Awakening Experience

A Private At-Home, Live Retreat with Kim Chestney

  • An 8-Hour Insight Intensive

    In Kim's most immersive intuition program, you will get uninterrupted one-on-one time to go beyond the limits of the mind, and into the wonders of higher reality.

  • A Life-Changing Awakening Experience

    Breakthrough unconscious blocks, heal and gain the insight you seek to understand true reality + take the next step in the evolution of your consciousness.

  • Intensive Self-Discovery + Growth

    A full day of soul-deepening inner work with meditation, Higher Self discovery, astrology, past-life resolution, release + ascension...and going beyond.

PLUS $500 in Bonuses!

Your Inner Retreat Includes a Personalized Illumination Box Delivered to Your Home

So much fun! Get your Astrological birthchart with 20-page interpretation e-book, current transit report, intuition toolkit, Kim's exclusive aromatherapy malas, meditation blends, selenite wand, palo santo, energy-balancing gemstones...and more!

What Better Place to Retreat than from the Comfort of Your Own Home?

This interactive retreat is designed for your comfort, healing and self-growth. You will have plenty of opportunity to move around, cozy up, enjoy self-care and do inner work...all from the comfort of your own home. Each Inner Retreat unfolds in its own, unique way and includes a peaceful and inspiring itinerary to take you deep into your intuitive awareness, including:

  • Getting to Know Each Other Time: We will bring our energy together and set our course ahead for the day

  • Inner Awakening Meditation: We start the day with a shared, uplifting meditation to wake up + elevate our energy.

  • Sound Bath: A healing and harmonizing crystal bowl and tongue drum session just for you

  • Yoga Studio Session: Gentle movement to release blocks and awaken the intuition of your body

  • Insight Card Workshop: Using the intuition cards to identify core themes and challenges

  • Break for Lunch + Reflection Time

  • Astrology Insight Session: Going deep into your soul's purpose and active evolutionary themes

  • An Illumination Journey: A meditative immersion into the depths of your inner spirit for validation and insight into the way ahead

  • Break for Journaling + Reflection Time

  • Intuitive Counseling Session: Reviewing the revelations and sacred insights of the day and how to integrate them into your life moving forward

  • Energy Cleansing Ritual: Using Illumination Box tools to cleanse, release and heal imbalanced energy in your body, mind, heart + spirit

  • Closing Enlightenment Meditation + Token Ceremony: Lift up your spirit as you bathe in the illuminated presence of your being and receive a spiritual token to light the way ahead.