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Join our Advanced Intuition Development Program

  • Level 2 Intuition Attunement

    Answer the call of your unique intuitive ability with specialized practices and attunement techniques.

  • Expert Intuition Practices

    Practice next-level techniques *live* with Kim Chestney, so you can live and work from higher awareness 24/7.

  • Practitioner Training

    Learn best practices for sharing intuition and using your intuitive skills to improve your life and work



Elevate! is a fun and enlightening two-part program that includes both live training with Kim Chestney and personalized intuition practice, based on your unique talents or professional aspirations. (Prerequisite: Level 1 Intuition Program, Illuminate!)


  • A deeper understanding of your life purpose and life's work
  • The ability to confidently use your inner guidance without tools
  • Stronger clarity and understanding of your intuitive insights
  • The ability to translate intuitive information into everyday conversation and share it with ease in your life
  • The opportunity to experiment and practice your personalized process in a supportive community


  • 4 Live Group Cohort Workshops with Kim Chestney
  • 1 Small Group Coaching Session with Kim Chestney
  • 2  Fieldwork Peer Practice Sessions
  • 4 Weeks of Advanced Tutorials
  • 1 Cohort Graduation Ceremony
  • Advanced Intuition Certification Pathway

This program is fully online and includes both live workshops and self-study at your own pace.


Part 1: Advanced Intuition Training, including advanced intuition techniques, group mentoring, and weekly live workshops.

Part 2: Advanced Intuition Practice, including fieldwork based on your personal or professional intuition path. Private practice sessions with peers and access to small group coaching sessions with Kim Chestney. 

Honors graduates are invited to be featured in The Sanctuary our Intuition Alliance Global Practitioner Directory.


Let Your Intuition Take You Higher

  • 1

    Welcome to Elevate! Expert Intuition Training

    • Let's Elevate Together: Leveling Up Your Intuitive Ability

    • Live Workshop Dates & Times

    • Elevate! Agenda + Weekly Activites

    • Elevate! Program Checklist

    • Office Hours & Support

  • 2

    Elevate! Small Group Activities + Challenges

    • Elevate! Partner Groups + Email Challenges

    • Group + Partner Contact Information

    • Challenge #1: Delivering Extraordinary Insight (Due April 15)

    • Challenge #2: Knowing the Future (Due April 30)

    • Challenge #3: Past Lives Present Lives - The Outer Limits of Intuition (Due by End of Program)

  • 3

    Your Sacred Intuition Token

    • Receive Your Sacred Intuition Token: A Guided Visualization (Personal Growth Students)

  • 4

    Community Healing + Prayer Wall: Get Loving Support

    • Our Healing Wall

    • Looking for Personal Guidance During the Course? Private 1:1 Consultations for IntuitionLab Students

  • 5

    Elevate! Resource Library

    • IntuitionLab Fundamentals: A Review of Radical Intuition Foundations

    • The Prime Directives: Best-Practices for Sharing Intuitive Guidance with Others

    • Music to Take You Higher: New Elevate! Playlists

    • 8 Steps to Break Through Your Blocks with Intuition

    • IntuitionLab Youtube Portal: Meditations & Inspirations for Outside of the Lab

    • Hone Your Healing Intention with a Chakra Affirmation Ornament

  • 6

    The Intuition Studio: Practices & Teachings to Support Your Journey

    • Guided Mediation "You Are Life Itself" (with Mooji, Monte Sahaja, Portugal)

    • Everything You Need to Know About the Chakras by Radical Intuition Contributor, Brett Larkin

    • Chakra Balancing Meditation (with Brett Larkin, Seattle WA)

    • Intuition + Past Lives: Understanding the Intuitive Continuity of Life (with Praveen Ghumnar, Mumbai India)

    • Making a Habit of Insightfulness: Create Your Intuition Habit Recipe (with Kristen Manieri, Vancouver, BC)

    • Your Voyage of Transformation: Using Intuition to Navigate the Challenges of Life (with Katie Brauer, SanDiego)

  • 7

    Training 1: Becoming Superconscious

    • Insight Intention: You Are Made for Something More

    • Lesson 1: Your Higher Reality Shift

    • Lesson 2: The No-Mind Portals

    • Weekly Practice: The Intuitive "Drop In"

    • Weekly Live Workshop: Arriving at Extraordinary Insight (SLIDES)

    • Workbook Tool: Extraordinary Insight Checklist

    • Recording: Workshop #1 Kick-Off + Group Assignments

  • 8

    Reminder: No Class April 14 for Spring Break

    • Class will Return on Thursday, April 21 at 7PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time

  • 9

    Training 2: The Art of Communicating Intuitively

    • Insight Intention: I Trust Myself.

    • Lesson 1: Distinguishing the Three Voices in Your Head

    • Lesson 2: Best Practices for Sharing Intuition with Others

    • Weekly Practice: Using the Intuition Checklist

    • Weekly Live Workshop: Advanced Intuition Communication: Sharpening Your Intuitive Dialogue (SLIDES)

    • Recording: Workshop #2 Communicating Your Intuition

  • 10

    Training 3: Advanced Intuition Techniques

    • Insight Intention: All Truth is Within Me

    • Lesson 1: Metaphoric vs Literal Intuitive Impressions

    • Lesson 2: The Second Impression ~ Clarifying Your Inner Guidance

    • Weekly Practice: Impression Stringing for Deeper Insight

    • Weekly Workshop: The Advanced Intuition Roadmap (SLIDES)

    • Recording: Workshop #3 Advanced Intuition Techniques

  • 11

    Training 4: Going Above & Beyond

    • Insight Intention 4: My Inner Power is Limitless

    • Lesson 1: Intuitive Breakthroughs for Personal Evolution

    • Lesson 2: The Purpose in Your Pain

    • Weekly Practice: Ascending ~ Transmuting Pain into Power

    • Weekly Live Class: Breaking Through & Free (SLIDES)

    • Recording: Workshop #4 Chakras, Past Lives + Energy Medicine

  • 12

    Healing with Your Higher Power (Bonus Workshop)

    • Your Intuitive Healer's Kit: Downloadable Tools for Healing with Your Higher Power

    • Healing with Your Higher Power: The Shift Network Energy Medicine Workshop with Kim Chestney

  • 13

    Part 2: Intuition Field Work & Coaching

    • The Insight Vortex: Honing Intuitive Energy into Conscious Awareness

    • Schedule Your Personal Practice Sessions (During Weeks 2-3 of May)

    • Sign Up for Open Coaching Hours (Optional - Week 2-3 of May)

    • Sign Up for a Summer Partner by May 15

    • Recording: Part 2 #1 ~ Overview + Field Work

    • Recording: Part 2 #2 ~ Graduation Party, Game Day + Ascend Launch

  • 14


    • Certification Students: Upload Your Level 1-2 Checklist

    • Graduation + Level 2 Intuition Attunement

    • Your Elevate! Graduation Certificate + Badge

    • Review the Program: Your Voice Matters

    • Next Up: Ascend! Summer Inner Retreat (Level 3 Intuition Attunement)

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