Radiate! 8-Week Advanced Training Program & Level 2 (CIP) Certification

8 Week Interactive Group Coaching Program

  • $379.00

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  • Coaches

    Learn proven intuitive counseling and motivational techniques to connect more deeply with your clients and get more powerful results.

  • Teachers

    Yoga teachers and spiritual leaders, this program will help you to create a conscious mastery of your Intuition to better inspire and serve your students.

  • Healers

    Intuition is a powerful healing tool. This program will teach you how to tap into your inner guidance to help others heal and break through their blocks.

About IntuitionLab's Advanced Intuition Training Program

Teach, Lead & Serve Others with Your Extraordinary Insight

  • 1
    Welcome to Radiate! Expert Intuition Training
    • A Message from Kim
    • Radiate! Weekly Course Schedule
  • 2
    Module 1: Becoming a Luminary in the Modern World
    • Weekly Challenge: Arriving at the Extraordinary Insight
    • Discovery Worksheet: Using Your Gifts to Light Up the World
    • Module 1: Slide Deck - Extraordinary Insight
    • Live Class 1: Extraordinary Insight
    • Featured Video: The Evolutionary Shift to Service
  • 3
    Module 2: Advanced Intuition Training Techniques
    • Weekly Challenge: Advanced Intuition Techniques
    • Discovery Worksheet: The Anatomy of Your Intuition
    • Module 2: Slide Deck - Advance Intuition Techniques
    • Live Class - Advanced Intuition Techniques
  • 4
    Advanced Intuition Foundations
    • Intuition Roadmap (Advanced)
  • 5
    • Intuition 2 Intuition Certification
    • Advanced Certification Checklist
    • Intuition Prime Directives
  • 6
    Bonus Material + Illuminate Refresher Tutorials
    • Awakening with Intuition: Illuminate! Bonus Tutorial
    • Arising with Intuition: Illuminate Bonus Tutorial 2

Master Your Intuition, Master Your Life