Online Intuition Development Program with Level 1 Certification

8-Week Live Group Coaching with Kim Chestney (Global Online Program)

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Learn at Your Own Pace Intuition Mastery with Certification Track



Learn the Secrets of Your Inner Genius + Start Living an Extraordinary Life

  • Discover Who You Are

    Your Intuition is the ultimate self-discovery tool. It will lead you to your true self and connect you to the highest levels of awareness.

  • Step Into Your Power

    When we connect with our genuine Higher Self, we naturally align with our path and purpose ~ so we can finally create the lives we were made for.

  • Live Your Truth

    To know and be our true selves is one of the greatest joys of enlightenment. When we follow our Intuition we live true to ourselves, and the world.


A Program that Will Change Your Life

  • A real life changing experience

    Gabriela Delgado Lãpez

    Where do I even start? I'm so happy to have participated in this wonderful program. I must admit I was a bit skeptical but I didn't really care because Kim just drew me to her, she probably could've had a course in knitting sweaters and I would've...

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    Where do I even start? I'm so happy to have participated in this wonderful program. I must admit I was a bit skeptical but I didn't really care because Kim just drew me to her, she probably could've had a course in knitting sweaters and I would've joined! She just makes you feel at home right away, without even trying. My mind opened up to many of these new concepts and information and I am forever grateful that I participated fully in the program. The weekly classes were like my happy place, I looked forward to attending them whenever I could or to listen to the replays. I could be myself even when I felt a little out of place and my peers where so fantastic and supportive. I feel like I am part of a family now. I more than highly recommend joining this program. It will leave you feeling blissful and calm. Kim is an amazing person and I am so honored that she chose me to be part of her tribe.

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  • 1
    Welcome to Illuminate! The Intuition Mastery Program
    • About Illuminate!
    • Welcome to IntuitionLab
    • Illuminate! Welcome Pack
    • IntuitionLab Annual Calendar of Events & Programs
  • 2
    Tools Library
  • 3
    • Music for Flow & Meditation
    • Recommended Reading List
    • Daily QiGong Routine
    • Your Sadhana ~ Regular Intuitive Practice
  • 4
    Guided Meditations
    • Intuition Awakening Meditation
    • Intuition Empowerment Meditation
    • Unblocking Meditation: Embodied Intuition
    • Stillness Meditation: Mindful Intuition
    • Inner Power Meditation: Creative Intuition
    • Bliss Bath Meditation: Enlightened Intuition
  • 5
    Guest Teacher Classes
    • Meditation with a Monk: Guided Insight Meditation with Bhante Pemaratana
    • Enhancing Intuition with the Magic of Mudras with Dr. Justine Lemos, Mendocino, California
    • Reiki: Becoming an Intuitive Healer with Marla Mervis-Hartmann, Los Angeles
    • Owning Your Inner Warrior with Intuition by Pro-Wrestler, Jamin Olivencia, Louisville, KY
    • Using Aromatherapy to Enhance Intuition with Lindsey Bradley
    • Intuition + Astrology Insight with Jessica Epperson, Washington DC
    • Love Your Body, Love Your [Higher] Self with Marla Mervis-Hartmann, Los Angeles
    • The Business of Intuition with Marni Gauthier, PhD, Boulder Colorado
  • 6
    Module #1: Awaken! Ignite Your Inner Power
    • Introduction to Intuition
    • Awakening Intuition: Tutorial
    • Awakening Intuition: Workshop
    • Self-Discovery Pack: Awaken!
    • Intuition Initiate Quiz
  • 7
    Module #2: Arise! The Intuition Revolution
    • Actualizing Intuition: Tutorial
    • Actualizing Intuition: Workshop
    • Self-Discovery Pack: Arise!
    • Intuition 101 Quiz
  • 8
    Module 3: The 4 Types of Intuition ~ What is Your Superpower?
    • The 4 Intuition Archetypes Tutorial
    • Intuition Communication Roadmap
    • Intuition Affinity Assessment
    • Self Discovery Pack: The 4 Pathways of Intuition
    • Mid-Class Check In: Share Your Experience so Far
  • 9
    Module #4: Embodied Intuition ~ The Healer
    • Embodied Intuition: Tutorial
    • Embodied Intuition: Workshop
    • Self Discovery Pack: Embodied Intuition
    • MetaSense Diary: Discover How Your Embody Intuition
    • Embodied Intuition Quiz
  • 10
    Module #5: Mindful Intuition ~ The Sage
    • Mindful Intuition: Tutorial
    • Mindful Intuition: Workshop
    • Are You Paying Attention to How the Universe is Calling You?
    • Self-Discovery Pack: Mindful Intuition
    • 1:1 Life Mastery Sessions for Deeper Immersion
    • Practical Intuition Quiz
  • 11
    Module #6: Creative Intuition ~ The Visionary
    • Creative Intuition: Tutorial
    • Creative Intuition: Workshop
    • Self-Discovery Pack: Creative Intuition
    • Self-Actualization Assessment
    • Creative Intuition Quiz
  • 12
    Module #7: Enlightened Intuition ~ The Mystic
    • Enlightened Intuition Tutorial
    • Enlightened Intuition Workshop
    • Self-Discovery Pack: Enlightened Intuition
    • Enlightened Intuition Quiz
  • 13
    Beyond Illuminate! Next Steps for Your Intuition Journey
    • Arise! The Intuition Attunement Retreat
    • Level 2 Advanced Intuition Training
    • Astrology Birth Chart & Life Mastery Session (1 hr)
    • Life Mastery Coaching Program (3, 6 + 12 Session Packages)
    • Immersive Destination Retreats
  • 14
    • Intuition Prime Directives
    • Level 1 Intuition Certification
    • Level 2 Intuition Certification

Empowering all people to awaken and live their truth with the power of Intuition