Private Intuition Session with Bonus Intuition Ignition Bundle

Intuitive Clarity for any Area of Your Life

The True Guru is Within

Radical Change Starts Inside of You. Take the First Step Now...

Kim Chestney's one-on-one, Radical Insight Session takes you deep into the power of your intuition ~ so you can discover what your inner voice is really saying to you.
The True Guru is Within

Your Radical Insight Session + Intuition Ignition Bundle

BONUS: All sessions include access to a private IntuitionLab studio with exclusive resources & tools to ignite your intuitive awakening

  • 1
    Let's Get Your Intuition Fired Up!
    • Preparing for Our Time Together
    • Tell Me About Your Intuition + Goals (Intake Form)
  • 2
    Intuition Ignition Bundle: Inner Clarity Toolkit
    • Wake Up Your Intuition Guide: 4 Steps to Extraordinary Insight (Mini-book)
    • Discover the Guru In You: The Foundations of Radical Intuition (45 Minute Webinar)
    • Intuition Journal: Track Your Intuitive Development + Learn Your Intuitive Language
    • Intuition Checklist: How to Know if it is Really Your Intuition Talking
    • Intuition Toolkit: Our Favorite Intuitive Development Tools
  • 3
    Next Steps: This is Just the Beginning
    • Radical Intuition: Get the Book and Exclusive Inner Power Pack to Take Your Insight to the Next Level
    • Illuminate! Our #1 Online Intuition Course ~ 8 Week Independent-Study Intuition Awakening Retreat and Mastery Program