Ignite! The Intuition Starter Kit

Make Your Life Extraordinary with the Power of Your Inner Guidance

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Our full suite of tools to jump start your inner awakening!

  • 1
    • How to Use the Intuition Starter Kit
    • Intuition Initiate Quiz
  • 2
    #1: Align Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit with Intuitive Frequency
    • Ignition #1
    • The Intuition Awakening Guide
    • Start Breaking Through Your Blocks with Intuition
    • Intuition Activation Meditation: Start Awakening Your Intuition
  • 3
    #2: Learn the Secrets of Intuition + Techniques to Ignite It's Power
    • Ignition #2
    • Discover the Guru Within You: 1 HR Video Workshop with Kim Chestney
    • Build Your Personal Intuition Toolkit
    • How to Create a Daily Intuition Practice
  • 4
    #3: How to Start a Daily Practice of Intuition and Follow Your Calling
    • Ignition #3
    • Track Your Progress with an Intuition Journal
    • Make the Ultimate Intuitive Vision Board
    • Intuition Meditation: Empowering + Strengthening Your Intuition
  • 5
    Recommended Reading
    • Book Excerpt: Beyond Saints + Psychics: Everyone Has Intuition
    • Revolution TV: How to Retrain Your Brain to Think With Intuition First
    • Intuit or Die Blog: Are You Awakening?
  • 6
    More Resources to Continue Your Journey
    • Want to keep the momentum going? Become an Illuminator with our Intuition Masterclass
    • Need Some Personal Direction? Try a 1:1 Life Mastery Intuitive Coaching Session
    • Intuition Destination Retreats: Unplug and Tune In to Your Intuition with Us

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