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  The Return to Yourself:
A Summer Inner Retreat

Ascend into Higher Awareness + Rediscover your True Self

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Retreat with us this summer!


Find Yourself

This summer, set the intention to reconnect with your whole, authentic being and live from your highest self.

Silent Retreat

Discover the power of a silent retreat as you deepen your inner connection in the stillness of being.

Summer Partners

Partner up with a fellow traveler this summer to share intuitive insight, practice together and support each other every step of the way. (optional)

Fun Workshops

Enjoy a series of all-new faculty-led intuition trainings and immersive experiences that highlight your summer.
"Spaciousness is the secret to crossing the inner threshold. The more stillness you create in your life — the more space you make between all the things you do and think and say — the more openings you create to merge with your inward dimension. "
-kim chestney, the illumination code

Ascend into to Higher Awareness


Silent Retreat

Illumination Journal

Bi-Weekly Workshops

Insight Circles

Summer Open Labs

New Teachings

This summer, return to your true self...

Kim is a beautiful soul full of the wisdom of intuition. Her teachings and in-depth knowledge of intuition are of great help in day-to-day life. I feel blessed to be her student and have learned the wisdom of insightful living."

Praveen Ghumnar, CIP
Mumbai, India
a full suite of tools for your inner journey

Plus...get $300+ in Bonus Experiences!

All retreat tickets include a free IntuitionLab starter membership

20+ Hours of Recorded Intuition Trainings

Explore all kinds of intuitive practices, including Energy Medicine, the Chakras, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Ayurveda, Yoga, Astrology, Art..and more!

Our Foundational Intuition Development Mini-Course

Learn how to use intuitive tools, like our Insight Card deck, to receive guidance using our 4-step intuitive process.

Exclusive Meditations + Creative Activities

Open up space for your intuition with a array of guided meditations and intuition-enhancing creative activities.

Monthly Live Workshops

Join us each month for Inner Wisdom Wednesdays, a gathering to share intuition practice and ask questions directly to Kim Chestney


In our private community of fellow travelers, you can share ideas and explore life's mysteries together!

VIP Exclusives

Be the first to get event invitations, special program pricing, and exclusive 1:1 mentoring access.

Retreat with Us this Summer!



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  • Bi-Weekly Workshops
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Online Retreat
(value $300+)

A June-August inner immersion to reconnect with your higher self, with the guidance of a supportive community

Bonus Trainings
(value $300+)

Starter membership includes our Inner Discovery Essentials, Illumination Studio + Learning Library with 20+ Workshops

Group Insight Circles

Give and receive guiding intuitive insight in our weekly "Message for Moment" group intuition shares.

Intuition Exchanges

Our weekly partner intuition exercises allow you practice using your intuition and getting valuable validations ~ so you can learn to trust it.

Open Labs

We offer open labs each month on Zoom so you can ask questions, practice and get personal mentorship when you need it.

Guest Teacher Workshops

Expand your learning with our world-class guest teachers, like Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Whitley Strieber, Steve Kilbey...and many more!
Join Us! all are welcome.

Retreat with Us

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Start Date

June  1


Bi-weekly Workshops on Zoom


Independent Practices

$300+ Bonus

IntuitionLab Membership

The Joy of the Inner Retreat

#foundmyself | #innerwork | #stillness | #selfmastery

"Refocused my inner journey. This level of self-study was just perfect for this time in my life. It helped me refocus on my personal spiritual journey and be more mindful of all the shifts and insights that I receive daily. When you tune in and really focus on paying attention and seeking guidance the gifts you receive are immeasurable!
Pittsburgh, PA
"The summer experience has truly been a time for great personal growth and reflection. Even though we don't have class every week, like in the earlier modules, I have found that the assigned journal and activities have helped me to really allow my intuition to come through in practical ways. I really enjoyed meeting with my partner weekly to reflect on and validate our intuition development. I'm so grateful for this program as it has been such a pillar in my overall personal growth this year. I 100% recommend this course if you are looking for practical ways to grow and develop your intuition."
elizabeth corvese, CIMP
Portsmouth, Rhode Island
"The inner retreat provided a rich experience that I intend to revisit periodically. There are aspects of the course, such as the Silent Retreat, I had also experienced in the past, which was a validation for me, At the same time, it challenged me to reach out to my Higher Self. All of which is why I plan to revisit this process at other points in my journey.
hesther weisberger
New York City
Meet your instructor, kim chestney
Kim Chestney has been teaching intuition for over 20 years. She has three internationally published books on intuitive development and has taught her ground-breaking intuition work at world-class institutions including the Omega Institute, Shift Network, Dreamland, and the Edgar Cayce Center, among others. She looks forward to sharing her passion for intuition with all students and facilitating the meaningful shift into expanded consciousness for all.

The Enlightenment Retreat Curriculum

learn + Practice at Your own pace

Retreat with Us this Summer!

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