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4 WEEKLY LIVE WORKSHOPS with kim chestney

  Higher Powers:
Discover Your Limitless Nature

Know the Unknowable & Experience the Impossible with the Power of Your Intuition

#VentureInward | #SelfDiscovery | #InnerGuidance | #GoingBeyond

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Calling all Seekers, Dreamers, Mystics, Healers & Intuition Lovers...


Ignite Your Inner Power

Learn to trust your inner voice and how to follow it – so you can step into your true path and purpose.

Explore Your Intuitive Gifts

Activate and expand on your innate intuitive abilities with exciting new intuition practices. No experience necessary!

Receive Intuitive Guidance 

Work with a live, interactive community and practice weekly intuition shares to gain insight into your life.

Experience Impossible Things

With your intuition, you can know the unknowable and do the impossible. Don't take our word for it, join and and experience it for yourself!

"The time has come for humanity to move beyond the limits of materialistic thinking and embrace our natural, innate connection with the deeper reality. Tapping into our quantum intelligence is the secret to a new way of thinking...a truth that awaits us all."

-kim chestney, founder of intuitionlab

Everything You Seek is Within You...Let's Find it.


Expand Your Intuitive Awareness

Sense Your Aura,  Chakras + Energy

Receive Guidance for Your Life 

Practice with Insight Cards

Explore your Intuitive Abilities

Find the Answers You Seek

Yes, you can experience these things. Everyone can!

4 Mindset Shifts for Your Higher Powers

Week 1

Live Workshop
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A Part of You Knows Everything

Explore your inner dimension to tap into your truth, access higher awareness,  and discover the part of you that holds all the wisdom of the universe. 

Receive Guidance with Insight Cards + Group Intuition Circle

Week 2

Live Workshop
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The Real World is Not the Real World

Learn  how to intuitively sense your mind-body connection and discover wisdom held in your body, so you can heal and empower your well-being.

Sense Your Energy:
The Aura,  Chakras + Psychometry

Week 3

Live Workshop
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All the Answers are Within You

Practice tapping into the "cloud" of limitless information that transcends our reality with one of humanity's oldest sacred visionary practices.

Akashic Field Exploration + Partner Intuition Exchange

Week 4

Live Workshop
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Your Intuitive Mind is Limitless

Personally experience the magic of  your intuition, go beyond the limits of  perceived reality, and do things the world once called impossible.

Investigating Past Lives + Group Remote Viewing Experience 

"I recommend this course to anyone who is looking to explore their intuitive side. Kim takes you through an amazing journey of inner discovery. She provides you with in-depth knowledge and practical way of implementing intuition in your life. This is  a life-changing experience."
4.8 / 1,128 Ratings

With Exclusive Teachings from Kim Chestney's Ground-Breaking Intuition Books!

Are you ready to tap into your Higher Powers?
The time has come if...

  • You have been curious about your intuition but unsure how to fully utilize it
  • You have personally experienced things that can only be explained by human intuition
  • You realize that intuition is the secret sauce for success and other extraordinary abilities
  • You are ready to, at last, know the unknowable and experience the impossible...
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"As always, Kim and IntuitionLab have blown my mind. There is no such thing as limitations in this class. There are endless possibilities to expand your mind, ability & understanding of the power of our innate intuition."

Angela Sipe
Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Practitioner

"I absolutely loved this course. Kim does an amazing job of presenting concepts that are difficult to grasp. She clearly explains the mechanics of intuition and emphasizes its practical applications for everyday life."

Yoga Teacher + Grief Support Practitioner

My life will be forever awakened. I know I have the skills to make a difference in the world"

Holistic Practitioner


The Higher Powers online progam Includes:

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  • 4x Workshops with Kim
  • Weekly Intuitive Guidance
  • All-new Intuition Practices
  • Weekly Group Meditations

Our lowest-priced workshop of the year!

Take advantage of our annual special pricing and save $200 off the regular program tuition.

A supportive community of shared exploration

Make new friends and share insights during our practice groups and special intuition events.

Interactive Live Workshops

All classes are presented live and recorded for you to watch later. Attend live or practice remotely!

Group Insight Circles

Give and receive guiding intuitive insight in our weekly "Message for Moment" group intuition shares.

Intuition Exchanges

Our weekly partner intuition exercises allow you practice using your intuition and getting valuable validations ~ so you can learn to trust it.

Open Labs

We offer open labs each month on Zoom so you can ask questions, practice and get personal mentorship when you need it.


no experience necessary
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Doors Open

November 1

Class Time

Tuesdays, 7PM EDT
on Zoom


4 Live Workshops


Why You Will Love this Program

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"I found IntuitionLab to be fun and exciting, with great practices and good information. There was ample opportunity to participate and a very safe space to share and learn."
Alberta, Canada
"This workshop series opened me up as a life coach, Thai bodyworker and yoga teacher. It revealed my own abilities and I have so much more confidence in my intuition!"
New York, New York
"Beautiful set of sessions to reconnect with yourself and tap back to our natural power of intuition. Great process and wonderful experiences with the members of the group in every session."
juan hoyos
Meet your instructor, kim chestney
Kim Chestney has been teaching intuition for over 20 years. She has three internationally published books on intuitive development and has taught her ground-breaking intuition work at world-class institutions including the Omega Institute, Shift Network, Dreamland, and the Edgar Cayce Center, among others. She looks forward to sharing her passion for intuition with all students and facilitating the meaningful shift into expanded consciousness for all.

Higher Powers Curriculum

lifetime Program access + live workshops

             Weekly Program Agenda

  • Welcome + Overview
  • Weekly Teaching (Live Presentation)
  • Intuition Activation Meditation
  • Personal Message for the Moment
  • Group Insight Circle or Partner Intuition Exchange (Optional)
recieve INNER guidance
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discover yourself

honor your self

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